5 Gorgeous Luxury Home Interiors

5 Gorgeous Luxury Home Interiors

Want to decorate your space like a luxury home interior? We’ve got a collection of stylish luxury homes to make you swoon.

Real beauty is on the inside—could the same be true for houses? Check out these beautiful luxury home interiors and decide for yourself.

Luxury for Every Style

The great thing about luxury design is that it can mean different things to each person. Ultimately, a luxury home design shows attention to detail, high-quality pieces that are also highly valued. The idea of luxury is when we splurge on something we don’t necessarily need but want to have for enjoyment.

You don’t have to spend a lot to add a little luxury to your home. There are so many different eras and styles that can be turned into a luxury design. It comes down to your own personal preference.

Fresh Elegance

If you’re looking to create that modern feel with an extra touch of elegance, these luxury homes have a contemporary style that combines antiques with clean lines and soft neutrals. The majority of the room is taken up with cool tones of white that keep it looking spacious.

Soft white curtains and velvet carpets add to the modern yet elegant feel. While the use of white stone floors adds to its opulent design. Simplicity can go a long way when it comes to looking luxurious.

Mood Lighting

Well-placed light fixtures are another way to add mood to an otherwise ordinary room. Plus, if you want to move some lightning around, you can determine the cost to rewire a house easily.

Another source of warm light can be a new marble fireplace or a geometrical chandelier for over the dining room table. Use glamorous sconces along the wall with character to add to the ambiance as well as illumination.

Step Back in Time

Another great look is taken out of an Edwardian era mansion by using dark wood furniture to contrast the soft gray or sage-colored walls. Make it modern by incorporating simple lines and minimal decor to contrast the antique furniture and cozy fireplace hearth.

You can still look chic while reflecting styles of the past. Giving your home more dimension and character. These large windows and light walls keep the dark furniture from making this room feel small.

Add Some Drama 

When it comes too spacious luxury homes, the word drama takes on a whole new meaning. We’re talking about the kind of drama that takes your breath away when you walk into a room and find vaulted ceilings with floor to ceiling windows and stunning architectural panels.

You can create your own dramatic looks with contrasting walls and colors. You don’t have to buy a lot of large items either. Use one art piece or wall to create a focal point or pop of color in the room.

Shimmer and Shine

Nothing says classy like the shine of polished metals. Using fixtures or hardware in polished brass adds a level of decadence that instantly appeals to our guilty pleasures.

The materials you use throughout your home can really make it feel high quality and custom made. Marble is another way to show off your finer tastes. Even if you can’t redo your floors in a wall to wall marble, you can still add these kinds of materials throughout your decor to add that extra shine. 

Inspiring Luxury Home Interiors

We hope you enjoyed drooling over these luxury home interiors as much as we did! And maybe it even inspired you to add a bit of luxury in your home. A few statement pieces can go a long way to making your home look upscale. Why not try a few of these decor ideas in your house?

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