5 Effortless Ways To Organise Your Dressing Table

5 Effortless Ways To Organise Your Dressing Table

A dressing table is a classic piece of furniture that has found its way into every household. It works like a station for men and women to groom themselves before heading out or to practise their everyday self-care routine. The large accompanying mirror usually ensures people do a final check of how their outfits, accessories and hair look.

However, a dressing table that hasnโ€™t been well kept can make it challenging to find where your make-up and skincare are. Even though you might have invested in a quality necklace stand or storage organisers, your dressing table can become a nightmare without adequate care and regular maintenance. Here are effective ways you can try.

5 Tips You Can Try To Keep Your Dressing Table Neat, Tidy And Functional

  1. Focus on decluttering your dressing table: The first step towards ensuring you are cleaning your dressing table right is to start with decluttering. Organise two sections you will be sorting existing products into โ€“ Using (further into everyday and occasional use) and Throwing. Check each productโ€™s expiry date and pragmatically consider whether you will actually be using the product during the time frame.

    If you are certain you will be using the product, place it in the using section. If you are unsure where to wear the product and have other doubts, consider throwing it away instead of mentally stressing yourself.

    Do this with all the products, and you will end up with sections of products you know you will be actively using and another set you wonโ€™t be using anymore.

    Pro tip: Identify which products you will no longer be using and why. By doing so, you can skip buying the product next time and instead invest that money into something else you will be using.
  1. Invest in storage options in varying sizes: Storage space will ensure you have a designated place to store your makeup products, jewellery, and hair brushes. Instead of getting storage organisers of one size, consider getting them in multiple sizes to ensure you have a place to store your rings, your collection of exquisite perfumes, make-up brushes and hair accessories.

    For jewellery items like necklaces and pendants, they have a tendency to wind up if not stored properly. A high-quality necklace stand will prevent them from tangling into each other and you can use them without any hurries.
  1. Mirror mirror on the wall: A wall-mounted mirror will free up more space on the table compared to a regular mirror. However, you can always consider having a table mirror when you are looking to work on a specific aspect of your face.

    If your room receives less light, and you are worried about dressing up during the evening or nighttime, there are LED backlit mirrors available in online retail stores that you can easily install and start using immediately.
  1. Choose what you will keep for display: Instead of keeping everything you have on display, consider being careful with what you are keeping on the tabletop. Too many items will make your dressing table seem cluttered. Furthermore, it will become difficult for you to find what you need when in a hurry.

    To top it, maintaining an overly cluttered dressing table top can get overwhelming and exhausting. Instead, keep only a handful of items on the tabletop. These can include aesthetically pleasing decor items that go well with your roomโ€™s theme, flowers or even showpieces. Avoid putting too many decorative items, as, again, they can clutter your dressing table.
  1. Make it a habit to put everything back where it belongs: When you have allocated dedicated spaces for your belongings, it is always best to put them back where they belong once you are done using them.

    This will ensure you are leaving no room for clutter to form and are always staying organised. In case you always struggle to get ready on time and spill or drop products while getting ready. It can be a sign that you must start well ahead to avoid a rush.

Parting words

Getting your own dressing table is dreamy and charming. However, without proper maintenance and care, you may often feel overwhelmed. Taking care of your dressing table is easy when you assign specific places to store your makeup, jewellery and other accessories and regularly review what you use and donโ€™t. This will give you more mental clarity and enhance your dressed-up experience!


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