4 Advantages Of An All-Inclusive Student Residence

4 Advantages Of An All-Inclusive Student Residence

Living out your life as a student never has a dull moment. Sure, there might be times you’d think otherwise while sitting through hours’ long lectures. But that’s easily outweighed by you studying in the library, hanging out with new friends at lunch, and even the piles of schoolwork would keep you on your toes.

However, while you’re enjoying the perks of student life, some don’t find school as enjoyable as you do. This is unavoidable, of course. Everyone has differences that lead them to experiences far contrasts yours. And these differences tend to harm themselves, caused by those who don’t accept them.

What It Means To Be ‘All-Inclusive’

Inclusivity is defined as a comprehensive consideration for everyone in one area. Despite their differences, all of them were attended to appropriately. In the same vein, having an ‘all inclusive’ space means everything that makes someone unique is taken into account. These characteristics could be:

  • Culture
  • Sexual Orientation
  • Gender Orientation, and
  • Disability

Although these characteristics make up some people’s identities, they’re still sometimes considered ‘controversial’ by most of society, regardless of age or status. Therefore, having an all-inclusive space can give these vulnerable people a place to feel safe.

How It Benefits Student Residents

Everyone can agree that having the space where they’d feel welcome and accepted is the only time you could feel truly comfortable. But it’s rare for diverse groups to find a place much like their homes in foreign settings. Fortunately, Quad at York and other student residences have implemented an inclusive environment. And this decision’s been yielding positive results from its residents.

1. Promotes Understanding 

Depending on the building’s layout, students typically live in close quarters from each other, be it as roommates or as neighbors. This decision means the building can house hundreds of students while there’s room for classes to proceed smoothly. Thus, allowing students to interact more. 

Since many student residences are opening their doors to diverse students, these interactions will cultivate their time there. But at the same time, having them near what society considers ‘standard’ students allows the latter to peek into the diverse students’ lives. Even something as simple as different room designs could change the standard student’s viewpoint. 

By having inclusivity in the residences, the student body could see how diverse students differ from them; not in a way that will cause them to be ostracized, but to broaden their understanding that what’s seen as ‘different’ only makes them unique. And no one can deny that every human being is unique from one another.

2. Lowers Harassment

Be it a private or public school, if you studied and graduated in either of these campuses, you’ve probably witnessed (or experienced) bullying at some point in your life there. You might say that bullying is expected in a student’s life, and it’s likely that the school staff thinks the same way, too. Regardless, that doesn’t make it any less traumatizing for the children. 

Being ‘too young’ is no excuse for children to belittle one another. Because in an environment where inclusivity was still an alien concept, instead of finding security, diverse groups would feel uncomfortable when those same adults whose jobs are to keep their charge safe are excusing that kind of behavior in the victim’s presence. 

Growing up and having a broader perspective should encourage everyone to speak up. Since students of all kinds live under the same roof, those who possess compassion for others are encouraged to call out this disgusting behavior and cultivate a welcoming culture. Once brought to light, the rest of the residents will follow that example, nipping the bud of any bullying that could occur.

3. Ensures Comfort

In the middle of their busy school lives, a place where students can breathe would come as a relief for their weary selves. Because although some would argue that learning is already a privilege, you can’t deny the fatigue you’re bound to have if you keep pushing on without taking a real break. After all, people tend to be just as exhausting as schoolwork for many people. 

Besides their homes, all-inclusive residences strive to be the haven for diverse students. Here, they have the freedom to be themselves and be accepted without any judgment. And having that kind of space will surely lighten that mental toll, even for a bit.

4. Encourages Meaningful Relationships

Forming real connections tend to be difficult, especially if you know you’re ‘different’ from the others. Whatever the case may be, this line of thinking will prevent you from connecting well with others. 

But living in an all-inclusive residence could help you find kindred spirits who went through the same experiences you did. For those with nonconforming gender and sexual orientation, you’re likely to find someone who’s only starting to come to terms with their newly discovered self. And seeing yourself in this kind of people will coax you to extend a hand in the same way you were helped, too.

Including You

All-Inclusive Student Residence

As a student about to enter adulthood, being in a new environment is both nerve-wracking and exciting. However, these complicated feelings might be amplified for those in diverse groups. Luckily, people are starting to shed some light on this issue, and what resulted are all-inclusive student residences.


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