3D Exterior Visualization on Real Estate Marketing

3D Exterior Visualization on Real Estate Marketing

The construction of residential complexes and buildings necessitates meticulous planning and spatial organization on the site. Nowadays, architects and developers are increasingly embracing 3D exterior rendering services to visualize their concepts. This is especially true for luxury real estate in the UK and Canada, where lifestyle and architectural fashion are changing very quickly. Visualization is a powerful tool for presenting projects in a compelling and accessible way to investors and buyers.

3D Exterior Visualization Services from Create Render Studio

A completed rendering of a building’s exterior enables investors to clearly comprehend what they are investing their money in. Moreover, these visuals are extensively employed in real estate marketing for pre-sale promotion. Consequently, there is a surge in demand for visualization services for architectural projects. Interior designers and marketing agencies are progressively leveraging exterior visualization services. In this article, we aim to explore all the advantages of this technology for real estate sales.

Why should we use 3d exterior visualization?

  • The ‘wow’ factor of viewing the offer. As you peruse property listings, you stumble upon a listing featuring stunning 3D images. It excites you, resembling a page straight out of a luxury magazine. This is the reaction you anticipate from potential buyers when showcasing your property. 3D exterior renderings breathe life into your properties.
  • Visualizing the dream house. Homeownership encompasses more than mere walls and a roof; it entails envisioning the future life you’ll create there. Visualizing the exterior of a home helps your clients envision themselves and their loved ones enjoying moments like Sunday morning barbecues in the backyard. It’s about bridging the gap between dream and reality, making your dream visualization tangible.
  • Selling emotions and desires. Real estate sales extend beyond square footage and price tags; it’s about evoking emotions and desires. Exterior renderings forge an emotional bond with your listings, accentuating the building’s potential and stirring a sense of longing in potential buyers. It’s about fostering an emotional connection that leaves a lasting impression, compelling them to choose your offer above others.
  • Securing victory over competitors. In the fiercely competitive realm of real estate, capturing buyers’ attention is paramount. Visualizing the exterior of your building elevates your advertisements, endowing them with a distinct vibrancy that sets them apart. When buyers compare properties, yours will linger in their minds, standing out amidst the sea of options.
  • Opportunity to present. Let’s face it: not everyone possesses the foresight to envision blueprints come to life. Many require assistance in visualization, and that’s where exterior renderings prove invaluable. Guide your clients through their future home, showcasing every detail with clarity and precision. Once they witness the rendering, they’re primed to seal the deal.
3D Visualization for Luxury Real Estate

Cost of 3D visualization of the exterior today

Costs vary depending on the complexity of the project, permit and service provider. Typically, the cost of rendering a building’s exterior ranges from several hundred to several thousand dollars. The services provided can be ordered from an 3d architectural rendering company. Check out the comparison table with interior renderings.

Exteriors$400 – $1600 per image
Interior$250-$900 per image

What is the difference between 3D rendering and 3D exterior visualization?

3D rendering is a broad term that includes creating images or animations from 3D models. 3D exterior visualization specifically concentrates on rendering the exterior aspects of architectural designs. The ideal luxury property rendering contractor is Create Render, which specializes in architectural renderings for marketing purposes. Utilizing exterior rendering services when selling a property accelerates the decision-making process in favor of the agent.

Visually striking property images allure potential buyers and facilitate swift assessment of a property’s potential. This ultimately results in quicker transactions and heightened success for agents in the competitive real estate market. With the capacity to elevate presentation, evoke emotion, and streamline decision-making, exterior rendering services are evolving into a crucial tool for enhancing customer experience.


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