3 Subtle Differences Between Classic and Modern Farmhouse Style

3 Subtle Differences Between Classic and Modern Farmhouse Style

The classic and modern farmhouse styles are two popular design trends but they can easily be mixed together by accident- in order to create a definitive style in your home, it’s important to recognize the difference between classic and modern farmhouse styles

There’s nothing cozier than the comfortable, simple, lived-in, and homey vibes that a farmhouse interior can bring.

It’s the perfect mix of comfort and utility. A unique combination of old and new that sets people’s homes and hearts at ease. 

But today, as the farmhouse style is becoming increasingly popular, there are two distinct styles within the farmhouse style that need to be recognized and addressed. 

Before we get into the 3 main differences between the two branches of the trendy farmhouse style, let’s go over the common ground that they both share.

The building blocks of the farmhouse style 

The tried and true farmhouse style has roots dating back hundreds of years. Back when the home was a place, not of frivolous decor trends but of refuge after a long day on the farm. 

The home needed to be warm and comfortable but also practical and built with available materials like wood and stone. And every farmhouse had a designated space for a sturdy farmhouse table, where family meals were enjoyed with fervor. 

As the years passed by, the timeless farmhouse style has held on to our hearts with a nostalgic charm that brings with it an undeniable comfort and simplicity. 

The main themes of this style have stood the test of time, and are present in both the classic and modern farmhouse styles.

Elements of nature like wood, stone, faux hide rugs, house plants, and plenty of sunlight are major themes of the rustic farmhouse look. As are neutral and earth tone design palettes and industrial elements like iron or copper light fixtures and appliances. 

But when it comes to the details, the smallest changes can transform a home from a modern to a classic farmhouse. 

3 things that set the modern and classic farmhouse styles apart

1. The Farmhouse Table

The power of the dining room table is often underestimated. Since farmhouse style centers broadly around the kitchen and the farmhouse table, choosing which farmhouse table to put in your home is a big decision. 

Modern farmhouse table

If your goal is to achieve a more modern style in your home, choosing a single-toned farmhouse table with a simple frame and sleek chairs, is a great idea. A solid and glossy black or white wood table, decorated with a single, simple decoration can transform a classic look into a modern one.

Classic farmhouse table

Adding a classic look to your dining room is simple when you use the right style of farmhouse table. A table that has a bit of character or just a splash of bold color can do the trick. Since the classic farmhouse look is slightly more eclectic, a more interesting table in the center of the home has the power to significantly cozy up a space. 

2. Decor – ultra-simple vs. a touch of purposeful chaos

Modern decor

The number one rule of modernity is to keep things as simple and minimal as possible. If overdone, this can tend to create a cold feeling, which doesn’t tie in well with the farmhouse style. 

But Modern farmhouse style should be kept as minimal as possible. Shelves and tabletops should have decorations like vases, flowers, and candles, but shouldn’t be cluttered with mismatched items. 

Classic decor

On the other hand, as mentioned before, the classic farmhouse style gives you more room for adding character and complexity. Adding a good amount of vintage knick-knacks to shelf space and filling the white walls with old picture frames or wooden signs is a sure way to add a classic and cozy feeling to any room. 

3. Texture 

Modern: sleek textures

Natural textures should be held as a constant in any case, but in order to keep things minimal, the textures that you incorporate should be sleek, simple, and not overdone. Smooth, handleless wooden cabinets in the kitchen, a sleek and shiny granite countertop, and a minimally textured stone floor is a perfect example of a beautiful modern farmhouse kitchen. 

Classic: multitextured

Adding detailed trim to white, wooden kitchen cabinets, topped with industrial-inspired metal handles is one example of keeping things classic in a farmhouse kitchen. Rough, worn-out-looking wooden floors and a textured tile backsplash, above granite countertops, would be a great way to finish the look. In other words, the classic farmhouse look has far fewer rules.


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