3 Step Guide To Selling A House For Cash

3 Step Guide To Selling A House For Cash

When you’re thinking about selling your house, one option that comes up is to sell your home for cash. But what does this actually entail? It sounds like the kind of thing that could easily turn out to be a scam, but there are plenty of reputable cash home buyers. Find out how quick and easy it is to sell a house for cash.

1. Find a Reputable Buyer

The process of selling a home for cash is quite a bit simpler than going the real estate agent route. This makes it a good option for those who want to sell quickly or minimize the hassle.

If you’re not using a realtor, how do you get out the word that your home is for sale? Well, the first option is to list it yourself on real estate sites, put up for sale signs in your yard, advertise online or in the local newspaper, and so on. The second option is to reach out to a cash home buyer directly. You will often see their signs or advertisements while you’re driving around town or browsing through your local paper. The simplest way to find a good buyer is to do an internet search for cash home buyers in your location.

Once you’ve found some options for buyers, do a bit of research on each one. You want to make sure your buyer is legitimate and trustworthy, so here you can rely on reviews or testimonials on websites, review sites, or Google to help you determine whether a buyer is someone you would be comfortable doing business with. Your house is probably the most valuable asset you own, so be sure you’re dealing with a reputable business.

2. Get an Offer

Once you’ve decided on a buyer (or a few to get offers from), your next step will be to make contact with the buyer and give them the important details about your home. This will be all the usual suspects as far as home purchases go — number of bedrooms, bathrooms, garage, lot size, and so on. At this point, your prospective buyer may want to visit the property in person to inspect it more thoroughly for themselves. Local Miami cash home buyers are more likely to view your home in person as part of this process. A bigger, nationwide company may elect to skip this step and simply rely on data points they can gather and the information you give them. Either way, the buyer will give you what they believe to be a fair market value offer for your house and give you some time to decide whether to accept.

3. Decide Whether You Want to Accept the Offer

Once you’ve been given an offer, it’s time to decide whether it aligns with your expectations and needs. If you find the amount you’ve been offered to be satisfactory, then you can choose to accept the offer, and at this point the closing process can begin. It can also be completed very quickly, in a matter of days to weeks. You will have to sign a contract, verify the buyer has the money available, complete a home inspection if required, and go through the title and escrow processes. The deed to your property will have to be signed and filed at the county courthouse. Once these tasks have been completed, then your home is officially sold, and the money is yours.