3 Benefits of a Small Kitchen Table

3 Benefits of a Small Kitchen Table

Few kitchen elements have as much of an effect on the comfort and style of a room as a kitchen table. It is the focal point around which family and friends gather for meals, homework, crafts, or games. In a small kitchen, where space is at a premium, a table can make all the difference in how your space feels to you and to those who will visit. Small aside, there are plenty of reasons to have a small kitchen table in an otherwise large kitchen, including making more space available for gathering in your kitchen and allowing the cook to keep an eye on the kids when they’re doing homework or crafts nearby.

1. Cozy atmosphere

A kitchen table with comfortable dining chairs is a great choice for adding a cozy, homey feel to your space because of the way they invite people to relax and linger at the table. Wooden or metal kitchen chairs are perfect for this kind of atmosphere because they can withstand lots of traffic and get scratched up over time. These chairs should be chosen carefully, though, as they need to be comfortable to sit in.

My wife turned me on to this trick. Provide a table with chairs rather than a desk and chair combination for your study area. This encourages more communication between the family as you go through your day. Plus, I personally feel like I’m on my own “set” when I have my work laptop set up at the kitchen table; it gives me a different atmosphere and creates a homey tone that staffers appreciate.

2. Eat together

The kitchen table is becoming a lost place in many homes, and that’s such a shame. It was once the go-to place for families to gather and share meals, stories, laughter, and life over dinner. Nowadays, many families eat in front of their televisions or on computers while they watch Netflix. When was the last time you sat at your kitchen table with your family?

Whenever my family and I are eating at our kitchen table, a lot of great conversations take place. These conversations with the back and forth between family members really are priceless. It is amazing how close I feel to my family after we have had these conversations. A wonderful way to encourage conversation is to eat at your kitchen table.

3. Extra work space in the kitchen

As you probably already know, kitchen tables are great not only for eating meals or doing homework for your kids; they can also serve as an extra workspace (if you need it). Adding extra workspace to your kitchen is so important, especially if you work at home. You need to feel comfortable in your kitchen, and if you don’t have enough table area, this is extremely difficult to accomplish.

In the event that you have little space, a counter-height table will be perfect to consider, and with more than one end by which you can sit down, this will offer you lots of room for your family to consume dishes.


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