15 DIY Kitchen Projects for Any Budget

15 DIY Kitchen Projects for Any Budget

An outdated kitchen can affect the feel of your entire house. Fortunately, there are many minor projects that DIYers can do to reinvigorate that space that sees so much traffic. The best part? These updates can be done inexpensively and can work with any budget. Here are 15 kitchen projects for you to consider doing yourself, on the cheap.

1. DIY Backsplash

There are many ways to get creative with a backsplash, but a common approach is to use subway tile. The result is a professional-looking backsplash that fits many kitchen styles.

2. Farmhouse Dining Table

This DIY project is a time investment but can be done inexpensively, if you search around for affordable materials. If you are converting to a farmhouse-style kitchen, this can be the centerpiece you need.

3. Wall Storage

Using the available space on your walls can free up valuable counters and room in your cabinets. Buying shelves, hooks, or racks at a reasonable price can make this a cost-effective project.

4. Swap Your Fixtures

A new faucet can impact the look of your kitchen significantly. This upgrade is a relatively easy project for novices and doesnโ€™t have to break the bank.

5. Add Open Shelving

Open shelves can make the kitchen feel larger and airier. There are many affordable options for shelving out there.

6. Switch Your Hardware

New kitchen cabinet hardware can revitalize a kitchen. Try different combinations of knobs, pulls, and handles to create a unique look.

7. Improve Your Lighting

Sometimes, changing the lighting in your kitchen can give it a fresh new feel. Upgrade your fixtures or add more variety of lighting throughout the room.

8. Utilize Extra Space

If you have an unused nook or corner, try adding a chair or small table. The extra furniture encourages socializing and a comfortable mood to the kitchen.

9. Paint Your Cabinets

Even if you found the best kitchen cabinets online, sometimes the color may not be exactly what you expected. Painting them can solve this issue, and be helpful if you want a refreshing change.

10. Change Your Pantry Door

Depending on your style and preferences, you can swap out your pantry door with a replacement. You can choose a screen door approach, a bright color, or anything else you may think of to liven up the area.

11. Update Your Island

If your kitchen island is looking dated, you can install a new top, incorporate cabinets, or even integrate appliances.

12. Hang a Pot Rack

Not only will creating a hanging pot and pan rack free up cabinet space, but it can also result in a look that fits both modern and traditional layouts.

13. Make a Custom Trash Bin

Adding a butcher-block countertop to a custom-built trash bin can be a fun and affordable project to give your kitchen some personality.

14. Create Contrast

If you have a uniform color scheme in your cabinetry, try painting the lowers or the uppers in a contrasting tone.

15. DIY Range Hood Cover

There are many options you could imagine with a range hood cover, including incorporating storage.

There are limitless DIY ideas to transform your kitchen on a budget. Use these 15 concepts to launch your project or use them as a springboard for your own ideas.


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