10 Patio Landscaping Ideas to Improve Your Outdoor Space

10 Patio Landscaping Ideas to Improve Your Outdoor Space

Impress your friends and be the envy of your neighbors by using these patio landscaping ideas to boost the look of your backyard.

According to the latest survey by the U.S. Census Bureau, roughly 96,000 new houses with patios got sold in 2014. Over the years, there has been a drastic increase in sales of homes that have patios.

A well planned and maintained patio can add comfort and functionality to your living space. More than that, it can significantly boost the curb appeal and value of your home.

If you recently moved to a new home, you have the perfect opportunity to customize your patio so that it’s as relaxing and entertaining as possible. There are many patio landscaping ideas that can help you achieve amazing results.

If you are starting with a blank slate, designing your patio can seem a little overwhelming. Good outdoor patio landscaping takes careful planning. For those without previous experience on how to go about the process, knowing where to begin can be very difficult.

That’s why we’ve prepared this guide to give you 10 of the most creative backyard patio landscaping ideas to help you create a gorgeous patio. Read on to learn more.

1. Start by Adding Pavers

How do you perk up a drab patio that’s made of poured concrete?

You can almost always bet on pavers to immediately upgrade such a patio. Such pavers come in different materials, sizes, colors, and shapes.

One benefit of pavers is that they’re simpler and more economical to repair compared to a concrete slab. When one paver cracks or has a stain, you can easily turn it over or replace it.

Think of the style you’d like to achieve when choosing pavers for your patio. Clay pavers, for instance, are ideal for a classic style.

2. Bring In Some Patio Plants

A patio without plants and accessories can be quite uninviting. Greenery can soften the stiff lines of the hardscape features and breathe fresh life into them. The result is a patio space that’s both inviting and relaxing.

There are certainly many ways to introduce plants to a patio, but the easiest is to use ornate container gardens. You could also consider patio planter pockets and flowerbeds in retaining walls. Plants are highly effective when it comes to hiding any eyesores on your deck, so you never have to worry about replacing your patio every few years.

In case you or someone in your family is allergic to bee stings, veer away from plants that bear lots of flowers. It’s best to stick to foliage plants instead.

3. Light the Patio Up

One of the most effective and affordable outdoor patio landscaping ideas is to use outdoor lighting. The right kind of lighting illuminates the area and provides ambiance. Carefully selected lighting also draws a person’s eye to the key features in the patio and creates detail.

Ensuring that there’s ample lighting in your patio is also essential when it comes to safety and security. Opt for LED lighting options as they’re more durable and energy-efficient than incandescent bulbs.

4. Add Some Furniture

You’re going to be spending a considerable amount of time on your patio, so you definitely need to plan for patio furniture. Consider vintage furniture for its charm and reliability when it comes to outdoor spaces. You could opt for either stressed vintage or single pieces.

Add a wicker sofa or a timeworn wooden table to add character to the patio.

5. Water Features Are Great Patio Landscaping Ideas

For those who crave the sight of water, a small decorative water feature is an excellent choice. Of course, you won’t be able to swim in the water feature, but the gurgling sound the water makes is highly soothing.

There are lots of choices when it comes to water features, including fountains made of granite, clay, or ceramic.

6. Introduce Bright Fabric

How would you like to add exuberance and color to your patio space? One of the surest ways to do so is by using cushions and tablecloths. Look for a colorful fabric for your patio furniture, and throw in a set of brightly colored cushions.

Because you can easily swap out fabric, don’t be afraid of going wild. Mix and match new colors for different occasions.

7. Install the Appropriate Doors

One of the best ways to increase flow between your indoor and outdoor spaces is by using an outward-opening exterior door. By installing a large doorway that leads out from your lounge to the patio, you can dramatically increase the amount of space in your entertainment area. Consider a glass door as it makes it simpler for you to appreciate the look of your patio from indoors.

8. Introduce Outdoor Curtains

Outdoor curtains can transform your patio in many ways. Not only do they add shade and block the glare, but they also create privacy and enhance visual appeal. These curtains are graceful and add a dreamy ambiance to your patio.

The range of fabrics available today is vast. You can opt for soft voile or rugged burlap. Decide what color works for you and have the curtains tailored to your preference.

9. Add a Pergola

Over the years, pergolas have become increasingly popular in patio landscaping designs across the country.

A pergola is a wooden, freestanding structure that provides shade, besides contributing significantly to the aesthetics of your outdoor space. Typically, pergolas help distinguish the functions of different areas in outdoor sections. Besides wooden pergolas, you can pay a bit more and get a pergola made of vinyl (preferably with a solid steel inner frame). Vinyl is gaining popularity at an astounding rate due to the fact that vinyl pergolas have much lower maintenance than ones made of wood like cedar, pine, or redwood. We recommend checking out this photo gallery to get an idea of what vinyl pergolas look like.

To add to the visual appeal of a pergola, you can use colorful shade cloths and outdoor curtains.

10. Heat Up the Patio

A fire pit, when paired with comfortable furniture, can transform an ordinary patio into a cozy gathering area. Before installing a traditional open wood fire pit in your patio, find out if your city permits it. If it doesn’t, consider a natural gas option.

Upgrade Your Outdoor Space With A Unique Patio

Whether you intend to use your outdoor space for meditative solitude, lively social gatherings, or even for your kids to go camping in the backyard, there are lots of patio landscaping ideas that can help you achieve your objective. As you design your patio, functionality and aesthetic appeal should be your priority.


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