14 Cheap Things To Do In Branson, Missouri In 2023

Branson, Missouri

Branson, Missouri, is an excellent destination if you’re looking for a fun atmosphere and family-friendly activities for your family to indulge in. Nearly 10 million people travel to Branson annually, and joining their ranks will surely provide several memories your family will enjoy.

The economy is rough, and inflation is high, but you shouldn’t let those factors stop you from enjoying the many Branson attractions on your next trip to this entertaining town. There are several cheap things to do in Branson that you’ll love without destroying your finances. The goal is to have a fantastic time without breaking the bank at the many Branson attractions.

The good news is that you’ve discovered the perfect guide to learning about the best inexpensive things to do when going to Branson to escape reality. Continue reading for 14 affordable and enjoyable Branson activities today!

1. Visit the Grand Village

One of the best things you can do to have a great day in Branson without spending tons of money is to visit the Grand Village. It was built as a companion attraction to Silver Dollar City’s Grand Palace. The Grand Village is the perfect place to stroll and enjoy the atmosphere that Branson, MO, offers visitors.

The best aspect of the Grand Village is the perfect spot to check out small shops and the work of local artisans. There are stunning water fountains, comfortable chairs, and outdoor pavilions to enjoy lunch with the family.

The cobblestone walkways and roads will take you to different times and places. A Titanic museum is also nearby to learn about one of the greatest maritime disasters in history. Take the chance to enjoy a history lesson on the world’s most famous cruise liner.

2. Branson Landing

Branson Laning is another excellent Branson attraction to plan to see during your stay. The location is next to a 1.5-mile lakeside vista and features entertainment. You’ll find an outdoor retail mall to handle shopping for souvenirs while enjoying your vacation in the Branson area.

The retail mall contains over 100 stores to check out and shop in. It’s the perfect spot to search for gifts for your children or grandchildren from your Branson vacation. You’ll also find several savory restaurants at Branson Landing.

The best part of Branson Landing is the 100-foot-high fountain geysers and fire columns. These incredible features are set to music to put on a show your family will never forget. The designers of the Bellagio’s fountains created the display at Branson Landing, so you’re in for a real (free) treat!

3. College of the Ozarks

The College of the Ozarks is also located near Branson, and it’s worth a visit if you’re going to Branson for a more extended stay. The College of the Ozarks campus is its own world, filled with lush plant life and fountains. The landscapers did a fantastic job cultivating the campus to create an incredible atmosphere for students and visitors.

The staff on the campus work to enjoy the benefit of a debt-free education. During your campus tour, you’ll likely see students grinding wheat flour and weaving baskets. The campus is the site of Missouri’s Vietnam War Memorial, which is worth a visit if you enjoy history and honoring those who made the ultimate sacrifice for their country.

4. Pirate’s Cove Adventure Golf

Pirate’s Cove Adventure Golf is the spot for family-friendly activities with a bit of competition and bragging rights on the line. It’s an unforgettable pirate adventure while enjoying some mini golf. Let yourself become immersed in the magical world of pirates, shipwrecks, and the Jolly Roger.

You’ll find two separate 18-hole golf courses to try during your visit to this mini-golf park, though it’s best to play both to determine your favorite. Explore the unique plant life and vegetation during your walks from one hole to the next.

Remember to enjoy the pools filled with koi fish between each hole for laughs and teaching moments with your children. It’s one of the most entertaining and affordable things to do in Branson. Your kids will want to go back to Pirate’s Cove every year.

5. Silver Dollar City

If you’re looking for fun, Silver Dollar City has it in spades. It’s one of the premier amusement parks in the Midwest, with a quirky 19th-century theme your family will love. Silver Dollar City is one of the best attractions in Branson, MO.

It’s not your typical theme park, so prepare beforehand for an experience that will open your eyes and have a blast. The park has been open and operating since 1960, encompassing 61 acres of games, rides, and more.

You’ll visit a world of steam trains, clockwork, blacksmiths, huts, and conical roofs. The Steampunk and Victorian themes are reason enough to visit, but you’ll find several amusement rides worth trying. There’s a ride for everyone, with intensity ranging from “adrenaline rush” to “family-friendly.”

That’s not mentioning the 13-acre waterpark at Silver Dollar City. It’s a must-visit place if you’re going to Branson during summer. Ensure you book your stay at Westgate’s Branson resorts.

6. Titanic Museum

History lovers will flock to the Titanic Museum during the visit to Branson, and with good reason. It’s an elaborate museum that will teach you much about the mythic cruise liner. The museum is home to over 400 relics from the original cruise ship.

You’ll find yourself transported to 1912 when touring the accurate replica staterooms onboard the ship. The incredible Grand Staircase is also present in this precise replica of the Titanic. Visiting the Titanic Museum is one of the most romantic and affordable things you can do when exploring the many Branson attractions.

Visitors receive a boarding card bearing the name of an actual Titanic passenger. Take your time when exploring the exhibits for adults and kids to learn more about this tragic maritime disaster. The exhibitions include touching a real iceberg and immersing your hands in water as cold as the North Atlantic on that fateful night.

7. Lakeside Forest Wilderness Area

The call of nature is difficult to ignore, especially if your family loves spending time outdoors. You can get your hiking and nature fix at Lakeside Forest Wilderness Area when seeking cheap things to do in Branson. You’ll find over 140 acres of land filled with scenic vistas and walking paths the whole family will love.

The trails will take you through woodlands and over the bluffs that are common in the southwestern part of Missouri. Immerse yourself in local vegetation and wildlife, and enjoy a picnic lunch with your family when the hiking adventure concludes. It’s one of the best places near Branson to get outside, stay active, and breathe fresh air.

8. Ruth & Paul Henning Conservation Area

The Ruth & Paul Henning Conservation Area is another stunning plot of nature worth exploring if you want to enjoy nature in Branson, MO. It’s a nature preserve expanding over 1,500 acres and offers several recreational activities for the entire family.

The hiking trails will deliver you to incredible vistas that overlook the hills, bluffs, and lakes dotting the land around Branson. It’s the perfect area for a leisurely bike ride or a stroll with your family and furry friends.

The conservation area is also perfect for jogging, trail running, and bird-watching. The Glade Exploration Trail is one of the best options in the park. It offers incredible views of Branson from the vista at the top of the trail.

9. Promised Land Zoo

To say Branson has everything is an understatement, especially when you discover it’s home to a zoo. It’s the only zoo in Branson, but it’s worth the price of admission to enjoy family-friendly activities with your kids. The zoo covers 75 acres of Branson’s landscape and is home to animal species from around the globe.

The zoo focuses on endangered animal species that need a safe living space. They aim to assist with the conservation of these animal species while teaching visitors about each one. Your kids will love the animal encounters they experience with the help of trained staff at the Promised Land Zoo.

It’s one of the few zoos that lets you get close to the animals. You’ll pet a kangaroo, adore infant monkeys, and feed a giraffe when you visit the zoo for family-friendly activities and learning experiences.

10. Eiserman State Park

Eiserman State Park is a free public park with plenty of fun and activities for your family. It’s one of the best things to do in Branson if you’re visiting on a budget but want to have fun. Bring your fishing poles to enjoy time at the many free fishing ponds within the park.

You’ll also find trekking trails for more nature walks and pickleball courts to stay active and compete. Introduce yourself to other outdoor activities like disc golf during your visit to Eiserman State Park. It’s one of the most underrated Branson attractions to enjoy during your stay.

11. Talking Rocks Cavern

Missouri is often called the Cave State due to the many limestone caverns beneath the state’s surface. There are over 7,000 caves throughout the Show-Me State, and Talking Rocks Cavern is among the best. It’s located in Branson, MO, and was previously known as the Fairy Cave.

During your cave adventure, you’ll discover mesmerizing mineral deposits, beautiful rock formations, and other incredible structures bathed in light. The tour takes 150 steps underground to explore the cave’s depths and learn how it was formed.

Your kids will love the opportunity to go gemstone mining after the tour ends. There are also places for rock climbing and sightseeing in the area. It’s worth exploring Talking Rocks Cavern when going to Branson with the family for a vacation.

12. Copper Run Distillery

A visit to Copper Run Distillery is one of the best things to do when visiting Branson without your children. It’s located in the Missouri Ozark foothills, and you’ll immerse yourself in the typical Ozarks atmosphere when you arrive. The distillery provides a walking tour to give you the history of white rum, whiskey, and moonshine while providing you with taste samples of their products.

The distillery runs a full-access bar with food options if you need to fill your stomach before wetting your whistle. Try the Espresso Rum or Apple Pie Moonshine if your throat is feeling dry by the end of the tour.

13. Little Opry Theater

The Little Opry Theater is one of the pricier Branson attractions on the list, but it’s worth the visit with your family. You’ll get to witness and listen to unique live country music shows along with talented fiddlers who will have you dancing the night away.

The theater is one of the classic sites in Branson, and it’s worth taking in a show during your stay. It’s an opportunity to learn more about the music that helped to create Branson.

14. Ralph Foster Museum

The Ralph Foster Museum is the go-to location if you’re excited to learn more about the history of the Ozarks. Ralph Foster was a radio pioneer who collected several antiques and Ozark classics during his lifetime. He donated his collection to a museum, which is open to the public.

It’s the best spot to learn about the history and traditions of the Ozarks region. Your visit will take you to the Beverly Hillbillies truck and the classic popcorn-making machine from a famous Springfield, MO, movie theater. The Ralph Foster Museum is the perfect place to learn about the Ozark culture before your stay in Branson ends.

Try These Cheap Things to Do in Branson

Branson is a beautiful destination to consider for your next family vacation, with incredible learning experiences and plenty of cheap things to do in Branson during your stay. You’ll find amusement parks, natural caverns, and the Little Opry Theater to keep your family entertained throughout the trip.

Ensure you visit the zoo for interactive experiences with unique animals. Most importantly, visit the Ralph Foster Museum to learn about Ozark culture and history.

Finding new destinations to travel to is one of the greatest joys in life. Explore more of our engaging blog articles and guides to find the perfect destination for your next trip today!


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