Jewelry Box Luxury Apartment Interior Design Taipei, Taiwan ๐Ÿ‡น๐Ÿ‡ผ – L’atelier Fantasia

Jewelry Box Luxury Apartment Interior Design Taipei, Taiwan - L'atelier Fantasia
  • Name: Jewelry Box
  • Type: Interior Design
  • Style: Contemporary
  • Status: Realized
  • Year: 2021

The Jewelry Box, an interior design project by L’atelier Fantasia, is an embodiment of opulence, where residential comfort meets the grandeur of a fine jewelry exhibition. Tailored for a connoisseur of exquisite jewelry, this Taipei City residence, completed in February 2021, is a physical manifesto of luxury, transformed from gemstone-inspired elements into a living space. The design, ripe with organic, bionic lines, and a robust Art Deco influence, leverages neo-classical abstraction to convert handcrafted furnishings and artful furniture into a spatial homage to fine jewelry. The spectrum of the space, dominated by greens and blues, is an ode to the natural influences in jewelry design, providing a visual hierarchy that mimics the varied hues of precious stones.

The spatial configuration is a canvas where jewelry and furniture coalesce, featuring a lounge-style living room with a TV wall that, when not in use, masquerades as an art piece, its arc symbolic of the geometric radiation of gemstones. The Edra sofa, Serip lighting, and Moooi wallpaper in the study and dining areas contribute to an irregular, organic aesthetic. Here, floral motifs are reimagined with a modern twist, embracing a neoclassical veneer that’s both contemporary and timeless. This is complemented by a master bedroom swathed in a meticulously mixed sapphire hue, embodying the designerโ€™s vision after numerous trials with blue paints, and a guest toilet adorned with feather tiles, handcrafted to capture the essence of delicate feather edges.

Delving into the art of jewelry-making, the designers at L’atelier Fantasia researched a plethora of jewelry types, styles, and textures to transition these elements from wearable art to architectural features. The result is an interior that not only satisfies the aesthetic appetite of its inhabitants but also presents a narrative of luxury through its tangible luster, color, and materiality. This design philosophy ensures that the residence is not just a space to dwell but an experience that evolves with the display of jewelry over time, thereby creating a unique living experience.

Sustainability has been subtly woven into the design narrative, with features such as the guest toiletโ€™s feather tiles exemplifying the projectโ€™s dedication to handcrafted, enduring elements. The ‘Jewelry Box’ stands as a testament to the possibility of luxurious, yet sustainable design, ensuring that the space remains as timeless as the precious gems it emulates. The residence is a masterclass in aesthetic innovation, where every angle and hue serves to enshrine the owner’s passion for jewelry, creating a living space that’s as intricate and refined as the collections it showcases.

  • Designer: L’atelier Fantasia
  • Property: Apartment
  • Photography: MooonTen Studio, One Photo
  • Location: Taipei City, Taiwan


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