Innovative Luxury Car Features for 2016 and Beyond

Innovative Luxury Car Features for 2016 and Beyond

Luxury means something different for everyone, but throughout the years, technology has given cars more features than ever before. While luxury once meant air conditioning in the ’40s and automatic transmissions in the ’60s, technology has given cars new and remarkable features that make the experience not only easier, but safer, and more comfortable. Here’s a look at the best luxury car features out there, and what you might see in the future.

Never Park Again

Self-parking cars are still new, and still relatively distrusted. However, a study by AAA found that 80 percent of drivers are confident in their parallel parking ability, and while this number is high, AAA also found self-parking technology was more accurate, faster and safer than their human counter parts, even when the human driver had a rear view camera. In fact, the study found that those drivers who used self-park technology experienced 81 percent fewer curb scrapes and parked 10 percent faster. However, self-park technology does have some issues, though perhaps not the ones you might expect. In some cases, the technology over performed and brought the car as close as half an inch to the curb. The recommended distance is six to eight inches, as it prevents potential curb scrapes and other potential costly damages.

Tire Pressure Monitors

All car models from 2008 and to the present are equipped with tire pressure monitors. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration requires this technology on all passenger cars that weigh 10,000 pounds or less. Monitors alert you on the dashboard which tires aren’t at optimal pressure. While run-flat tires aren’t wide spread yet, the technology is close for all cars to be fitted with run-flat tires that are good for over 50 miles of driving.

Blind Spot Detection

Many crashes are caused by a lack of vision. Blind spot detection and collision warnings alert you if there is a car in your blind spot. Usually the warning will sound when your turn signal is engaged. When it detects an object, a light will flash in your rear-view mirror, or side mirror, make your seat vibrate, or even sound an alarm.

A related, though more comprehensive system is the wake up, or lane departure safety sensor. Like blind spot detectors, this sensor alarms or vibrates the seats or steering wheel when your car nears the edge of your lane. This brings your attention back to the road if you’ve fallen asleep or become distracted. In the future this system may even account for body posture.

Autonomous Mode

Many are still skeptical if autonomous cars are safe, but some experts believe driverless cars will be all over the world by 2025. While this may be some years away, many states have changed traffic laws to allow for autonomous car tests. Technology may improve luxury, but it also changes laws. Research how traffic laws have changed in your area as these luxury features have been introduced to make sure you are following the latest rules.

Automation, self-park, blind spot detection, and tire inflation sensors are only a handful of the luxury innovations that have changed the way people drive in recent years. In the future, who knows, you may not even need to have your foot on the gas.


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