Industrial and Medical Industry Specialists – How You Can Find Accommodations in Toronto During COVID-19

Industrial and Medical Industry Specialists - How You Can Find Accommodations in Toronto During COVID-19

COVID-19 has been the subject of news headlines for several weeks. The incredibly contagious coronavirus has become a significant threat to our health and livelihoods. And with no vaccine ready soon, it may remain this way for quite some time.

Just as dangerous as the virus itself, however, is the impact it has on our society. Not only is conducting business far more difficult, but some industries have even been suspended entirely until further notice.

Only essential services are still allowed to run, and one of those is certainly industrial and medical manufacturing. If you work in the engineering or medical equipment sectors, the work you do is vital to our efforts in fighting the coronavirus.

But with most accommodations restricted, finding a safe place to stay near downtown Toronto is incredibly difficult. Both hotels and Airbnb pose extreme risks that may put you at risk of contracting COVID-19.

So, what are your options?

Implications for Industrial and Medical Manufacturing

You may find it difficult to do your work without risking infection yourself. It’s not uncommon for health engineers to work in Canadian hospitals and health organizations. Doing so requires living near downtown Toronto to train staff, install equipment, and visit governmental bodies.

For example, you might have to conduct meetings with the nearby provincial government in Toronto to discuss clinical trial approvals or compliance. Perhaps you might even have to drive to nearby Ottawa to meet with federal entities. Your position involves extensive networking with key individuals in densely populated areas.

Either way, you’ll likely have to find temporary accommodations in the city as a result. The health industry has hotspots throughout downtown. Chances are, you will have to assess products and machinery as well as fulfill engineering contracts. But how can you live in such a populated area without risking yourself or your team?

Choosing Sanitized Accommodation

It may seem like significant risk is inevitable. Hotels, for instance, go through dozens of guests every day, putting you in contact with potential carriers. You might consider Airbnb too. But remember that both hotels and Airbnb lack a standardized cleaning system that is capable of combating the infectious nature of COVID-19. And there’s the problem of homeowners living in their Airbnb spaces. Renting an Airbnb may put you in direct contact with contaminated personal possessions. 

Cleaning procedures are the biggest issue with most public spaces. Many of the services do not use detergent, soap, or bleach in an effective manner. They might not use EPA-approved products for COVID-19 treatment either.

It’s important that you find accommodations in Toronto that are practicing hospital-grade cleaning standards. Because when it comes to COVID-19, even a small chance is too risky.

Finding Accommodations in Toronto During COVID-19

We recommend renting a property from Toronto Luxury Suites. Not only is sanitation a higher priority (suites get an ozone treatment for protection against the coronavirus), but the general safety of the properties will ensure that you can get your medical and manufacturing services out there despite the quarantine. Toronto Luxury Suites has implemented hospital-grade cleaning procedures to ensure that each space is safe and contaminant-free.

That’s not the only reason, however. Toronto Luxury Suites also addresses the second concern of public living: contact with others. Social distancing is easy since the suites do not have communal spaces, such as shared kitchens or bathrooms. Also, no personal possessions are present, reducing your chance of contamination.

You won’t have to leave your spot too often either. Our high-speed Internet enables working from home. Our properties are also located within walking distance of grocery stores, pharmacies, and other essential businesses. The result is no need for risky public transportation and taxi rides.

The company also offers flexible stay durations. Whether you need to stay short or long-term, Toronto Luxury Suites can accommodate you and ensure that your space is available for as long as you need it.

Emergency contacts won’t be a problem. Toronto Luxury Suites guarantees a 24/7 emergency hotline in case you have any medical emergencies.

Protect Yourself and Others

Your work in industrial and medical manufacturing matters more than ever while the coronavirus pandemic grips the public. But you have to take precautions yourself before you contribute to the virus’s spread.

The next time you’re deployed to work in downtown Toronto, rent a property with Toronto Luxury Suites. We’ll be dedicated to maintaining a hygienic and virus-free environment that’s far less risky than traditional Airbnb rooms or hotels.

Book your stay with Toronto Luxury Suites today by calling (416) 901-3391.



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