Canadian Real Estate – Five Main Benefits of Buying a New Home in Alberta

Canadian Real Estate - Five Main Benefits of Buying a New Home in Alberta

Old homes are easy to find when you’re shopping for real estate. But if you have the choice between buying an old and a new property, which one would you go for? With the uptick in the number of newly built homes in Alberta, it shouldn’t be too surprising to find a few of them in real estate listings in Edmonton. But should you give them a chance?

If you’re torn between getting a cozy, lived-in property and a brand new one, here are five reasons why newly constructed properties are the better choice:

1. Modern Design and Technology

One of the most unique traits new homes have is the fact that they have the latest designs and technology. While not all new homes will look very trendy, a lot of them will look modern and current. So, if you’re quite fond of the latest themes and trends in architecture, these properties will appeal to you.

Aside from the design, new homes are also very likely equipped with the latest technology. There’s a good chance that the builders will choose to equip their projects with modern home gadgets. Some homeowners can also collaborate with the developers and choose to add such. These can promise you an easier way to enjoy living in your new home.

2. Energy Efficiency

Another perk of having a new home with the latest tech is their energy efficiency. A lot of today’s gadgets and electronics are designed to conserve energy. So even if they’re slightly more expensive than the older models, they can still offer great savings in the long run.

If you were also able to choose what to add to your new home, you can also opt to include some green features in your new home. This can further boost its energy efficiency.

3. Warranty Coverage

With Alberta’s New Home Buyer Protection Act, builders are required to construct new builds that meet the province’s safety and quality standards. This is to ensure that your property will stand the test of time and won’t fall apart in just a few years. As the name suggests, it applies to new homes, so if you buy a newly constructed property, your house will be covered by this act.

This warranty is a great plus for homebuyers as it can save you from the hassle of fixing faulty or poorly constructed parts of your new property. It provides a 1-year coverage for materials and labor, 2-year coverage for distribution and delivery systems, 5-year coverage for building envelope protection, and a 10-year coverage for major structural parts. 

4. Building Envelope Protection

Newly constructed homes are also very likely to meet new building codes. This is a very important detail that you shouldn’t neglect because building codes are made to ensure the structural integrity and safety of a build. Building codes are frequently updated to ensure public safety. So, if a new build passed final inspections, you can rest assured that it’s safe to live in them.

5. Less Maintenance

With a new house, it’s very likely that you’ll get new everything. From the construction materials to the fixtures and the appliances, there’s a good chance that they were never used before. With this, you can expect them to run in excellent condition since they are brand new. This should also guarantee that you don’t have to replace or fix them in the next few years.

While old houses have their own charms, you shouldn’t write off new builds as well. They have so much to offer, so they might just be the perfect home for you.


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