Penthouse Interior Design Los Angeles, CA, USA 🇺🇸 – Georgios Tataridis

  • Type: Interior Design
  • Style: Modern Contemporary
  • Status: Visualization

Modern glamour comes to Tinseltown in the form of a stunning visualization of a contemporary penthouse in L.A. by designer, Georgios Tataridis. Inspired by seashells, Tataridis created an interior design that is a contrast between soft curves and hard corners with a combination of three different wall textures and seven different materials, while still maintaining a sublime balance throughout.

The layout of the penthouse interior is dominated by the sensational view out of the floor to ceiling windows with the circular rug, curved console and perfectly shaped couches taking center stage.

The smooth corners of sofa and armchairs combined with aggressive corners of low table and the shape of the cabinet move us smoothly from interior to exterior. Every design element and furniture shape mean something and add to the purposeful delineation between soft curves and hard corners

  • Designer: Georgios Tataridis
  • Name: Penthouse in USA
  • Location: Los Angeles, CA, USA


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