Echo Brickell Apartment Interior Design Miami, FL, USA ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ – Blanca Wall

Echo Brickell Apartment Interior Design Miami, FL, USA - Blanca Wall
  • Type: Interior Design
  • Style: Modern Contemporary
  • Status: Realized

This stunning apartment is a modern mixology of extravagant cutting-edge contemporary interior design achieved with a complete makeover of a private Miami residence at the Echo Brickell by Blanca Wall of The Wall Studio. A sky-high renovation was required to combine two separate apartment units into one, culminated in an open flow layout with truly spectacular vistas overlooking Biscayne Bay.

Wall was tasked with creating a proper de-rigueur bachelor pad for a client with stylish, yet relaxed spaces, that feel contemporary and masculine, but also down to earth and comfortable at the same time. The result is a high impact recipe of attention-grabbing elements with captivating spaces that are balanced by soothing textures and surfaces that are very Miami, but not over the top flashy. 

  • Designer: The Wall Studio
  • Name: Echo Brickell
  • Property: Apartment
  • Location: Miami, FL, USA
  • Year: 2020


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