World’s Most Luxurious Casino Hotels

World's Most Luxurious Casino Hotels

What goes through your head when you hear the word casino? For most people, it is flashing lights, expensively dressed tuxedos, and fancy hotels. Additionally, Las Vegas is synonymous with casinos. However, the best casinos globally are not limited to Las Vegas alone. Casinos with the highest levels of lavishness have sprung up in different corners of the world.   

If you are wondering, is that so? Take some time to read about the world’s most luxurious casino hotels discussed below. These casino hotels offer top-drawer elegance and luxuryโ€”some could be close to you! Let’s dig in.

The Wynn Hotel and Casino

The Wynn - Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

Location: Las Vegas, USA

What better way to kick start this list than with a casino hotel from Vegas? The Wynn Hotel is regarded as one of the priciest hotels ever built. Additionally, hospitality industry experts consider it the best hotel globally.

The hotel’s casino offers top-class features, including every gambling game you know of. Its interior is impeccable, and you can visit the premises to do other stuff. For example, you can dine in their fine restaurants and shop at their world-class malls.

Sun City Resort

Sun City Resort - Rustenburg, South Africa

Location: Sun City, South Africa

Whenever you visit Sun City, South Africa, please ensure you go to the Sun City Resort and Casino to try your luck. The Resort is located near the city of Rutenberg. If you are coming from Johannesburg, it is two hours away.

The establishment offers a setting that creates the African Safari impression. At the resort’s world-class casino, patrons can enjoy roulette, slots, blackjack, and other exciting casino games. Suppose you are a high roller; there are private quarters for maximum security and privacy.

Ibiza Gran Hotel Casino

Ibiza Gran Hotel Casino - Balearic Islands, Spain

Location: Balearic Islands, Spain

Ibiza is well-liked thanks to its wild parties and beaches. At night, revelers enjoy a continuous supply of second wind, ideal for the Ibiza Gran Hotel Casino.

The hotel overlooks the Old Town and marina, giving tourists a romantic view. If you want to try your fortunes, visit the hotel’s casino. The facility offers an outstanding setup featuring slot machines and gambling tables.

Additionally, the Ibiza Gran Hotel usually holds Texas Hold ’em tournaments. If you are a poker professional or enthusiast, it is an excellent chance to interact with your counterparts.

The Bellagio Hotel and Casino

Bellagio Hotel & Casino - Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

Location: Las Vegas, USA

The Bellagio is another entry from Vegas! It is popularly known as one of the most luxurious and extravagant hotels worldwide. After being featured in Ocean’s Eleven, a robbery heist movie, the casino’s popularity rose spectacularly.

Patrons enjoy world-class casino features and games. Additionally, they enjoy water fountain shows among other top-drawer attractions.

Hotel de Paris & Casino de Monte-Carlo

Hotel de Paris & Casino de Monte Carlo - Monaco

Location: Monaco

A short flight of stairs separates the Hotel de Paris and Casino de Monte. High rollers who are not afraid to spend millions to win or lose millions love the two establishments.

The casinos are very fashionable thanks to their elegant and lavish interiors, among other world-class features. Patrons who wager big money frequent Casino de Montem, which served as the setting for James Bond’s first novel, Casino Royale.

The Kurhaus of Baden-Baden Casino

Kurhaus of Baden-Baden, Germany

Location: Germany

The establishment was built in 1820, making it one of the oldest hotels and casinos in the world. Despite being the oldest, it is also the most extravagant facility globally.

It is an excellent place for patrons who prefer a serene environment devoid of flocking tourists and regular gamblers. Apart from the casino, you can also relax at the state-of-the-art spa or explore the Black Forest or other regional tourist destinations.

Final Thoughts

There are many luxury casino hotels worldwide, and nowadays, most top-rated tourist destinations have prestigious casino hotels. Fortunately, you can start practicing your favorite casino game online before you try it in front of other revelers. Finally, ensure you stick to your gambling budget. It would be unwise to go toe to toe with high rollers if you are not one of them!


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