Why You May Need A Brick Oven At Home

Why You May Need A Brick Oven At Home

When it comes to pizza, the sky’s the limit. Newfound flavors can be at every turn. Changing the tiniest factor can create something entirely different. However, one thing remains the same. A pizza baked in a brick oven has no comparison

When it comes to Italian food, reaching for authenticity is invaluable. And yet, aside from this, brick ovens offer plenty of uses as well. It’s little wonder how they’ve survived the test of time. These ovens are seeing a resurgence in the modern home, and for a good reason. 

The food, charm, and utility it brings into a home are indescribable. Family dinners and house parties may never be the same again. 

Continue reading to immerse yourself in the benefits a brick oven can introduce to your cooking and home.

1. Higher Temperatures, Better Outcomes

Modern ovens may come with many conveniences but they occur at the cost of other factors. Namely, your pizza may not be fully-cooked or as flavorful as intended. The focus on simpler operations means that temperature nuance may not be present. It ultimately means that any food item with the dough in it might not reach its full potential.

Commercial ovens typically only reach a temperature of about 450 ºF (230 ºC). This level of heat is considered high enough for most dishes. It is a far cry from the temperature needed by a dough. Furthermore, leaving the served dish in the oven for longer also does address the problem. Instead, it typically results in the burnt crust and underdone fillings. 

Most experts agree that the perfect temperature for baking pizzas is around 625 ºF (330 ºC). It allows for an even bake between the crust and toppings/fillings. Additionally, a stone oven design has to be built to spread the heat evenly. The bricks that make the base combined with its vaulted cavity ensure that temperatures are maintained and equally distributed.

Ultimately, no one doubts that modern appliances will always have a place in your home. And yet, they still have a long way to go when it comes to nuance. 

The feeling of authentic, homemade pizza clearly cannot be beaten, and a brick oven can take it one step further. Sometimes,  a brick pizza oven will be too big for your home to install. There are some alternatives, notably, Ooni Pizza Ovens from Botanex, that will allow you to still cook pizza in your own home while having more utility and mobility.

2. Professionals Stand By Them

It’s worth keeping in mind that brick ovens have been in people’s homes for hundreds of years. Their history stretches as far as the beginning of many ancient civilizations. And yet, these same ovens remain just as effective and popular as they did back then.

As the old saying goes, if it is unbroken, don’t fix it. The ingenuity used to create these ovens is difficult. It’s no wonder many professionals still use brick ovens as much as they can. 

As stated previously, an even cook and higher temperatures are things achieved only by a brick oven. It means that flavors are at their best before being served. 

Multiple acclaimed chefs and professionals like Tony Piombo can all attest to the quality a brick oven can bring. Additionally, the ambiance it provides carries a certain level of classiness that’s difficult to beat.

3. Adds Value To Your Home

Having a brick oven at home can bring a myriad of health benefits to your home. Most notably, the flavor and range of dishes at your disposal are sure to increase. But, one area of note that any homeowner can appreciate is the quantity of charm it can bring. 

An evening meal here is sure to make everyone feel as if they’ve been transported to Rome. It’s sure to become an instant conversation starter. Moreover, acquiring one may pay for itself in time.

A brick oven can easily be considered the centerpiece of your outdoor leisure area. Placing a few chairs and tables around the structure means that everyone can be part of the cooking process. 

Additionally, the smell of food, moreover, the warmth it provides, invoke feelings of home and relaxation. Such an atmosphere can make it the best place for weekend barbecues and family dinners.

On a more practical note, a brick oven can also be considered an investment in your home. Built-in structures like a brick oven can be game-changers when the time comes for assessing your home’s value. Additionally, structures like these give realtors a better time while enamoring prospective buyers.

Ultimately, while you enjoy the features it offers now; you can end up reaping even more benefits down the line. 


Brick Oven with Pizza

You don’t always have to go far to experience a vacation. Adding a brick oven to your home’s repertoire can mean dining at a five-star restaurant every day. 

Furthermore, creating this experience for your friends and family can become irreplaceable memories one day. And, it won’t mean having to break your bank.


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