Why San Jose is a Great Place for Assisted Living

Why San Jose is a Great Place for Assisted Living

San Jose sits located on the southern shore of the San Francisco Bay. Its Mediterranean climate and booming tech scene have long made it a popular place to live, with around 1 million people calling San Jose home.

With an aging population, the US has a growing need for assisted living. These facilities offer a place to live for elderly residents, with food and care taken care of. With many facilities and varying services, there is a vast choice for those looking for assisted living in San Jose. In this article, we take a deeper look into San Jose as a great place for assisted living.

San Jose

San Jose is known around the world as being at the heart of Silicon Valley. With innovative tech companies such as Adobe and PayPal headquartered there, San Jose really is a tech hub. The stream of tech talent that has come to the area to work has also made it a culturally diverse area, with districts such as Japantown and Little Portugal demonstrating this. All this booming industry has had a knock-on effect on house prices. With a median home price north of $1 million, the property does not come cheap. In fact, San Jose has the most expensive housing market in the USA and the fifth most expensive in the world.

Quality of Life

Northern California offers a lifestyle that is the envy of people across the globe. From gorgeous mountains to beautiful coastlines and cultural hotspots, San Jose offers the opportunity for an incredible lifestyle.

Healthcare Facilities

One key consideration when choosing a place to live for seniors is healthcare availability. Unfortunately, more frequent trips to medical centers are a common part of old age, so it is always good to know you have top facilities on your doorstep. This is one area where San Jose shines. Being an affluent and large metropolitan area, San Jose is home to some top hospitals and healthcare facilities. You can rest assured that San Jose will cover all of your healthcare needs.

Assisted Living Facilities in San Jose

San Jose offers a wide variety of assisted living facilities to suit various needs and budgets. It is worth considering what sort of facility is required as there are several types to choose from. These are:

  • Assisted living
  • Independent living
  • Memory care
  • Board and care homes
  • Continuing care retirement communities (CCRC)
  • Skilled nursing

Costs can vary greatly between different facility types, so make sure to assess fully which is most appropriate.

Financial Considerations

Assisted living in San Jose tends to range from around $3,000 to $10,000 per month, with some going higher than this. The median sits around $6,000. It is worth speaking with a professional or the California Department of Aging to see what sort of financial assistance may be available to you as there are various waivers and funding that could contribute towards the costs. On average, assisted living costs are higher in San Jose than in most other parts of the country. However, this is unsurprising given what a desirable place to live it is and the overall cost of living in the area.

San Jose is an excellent choice for your senior years and has a wide variety of top quality assisted living facilities. Make sure to carefully consider your needs and finances, then get in touch with a number of facilities to talk through options and arrange visits. Live your retirement to the fullest in sunny San Jose.


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