Why Porcelain is a Great Choice for Your Home’s Pavers and Tiles

Why Porcelain is a Great Choice for Your Home’s Pavers and Tiles

Conventionally materials like clay bricks, wood, and stone have been popular for exterior flooring needs. However, many of them suffer from various deficiencies that make them less than ideal for outdoor use. While some were heavy, others were expensive, and yet others required too much maintenance or were slippery. Porcelain tiles overcome most of the drawbacks of natural materials and thus are ideally suited to meet the challenges of the outdoors. Some of the most compelling reasons for using porcelain for outdoor pavers:

Highly Resistant to Wear and Tear

Since porcelain is extremely tough, it is ideal for outdoor applications that expose it to high temperatures, water, ice, as well as high traffic. Its robust nature as well as its appealing aesthetics that can be modified to suit every décor style and color palette makes it suitable for a diverse range of outdoor applications ranging from swimming pools to garden paths, patios, porches, and more. Users will delight in the fact that these pavers will not crack even when the temperature swings from being very high to very low. According to Forbes, porcelain is tougher than granite while costing less.


Porcelain tiles and pavers are minimally porous, which means they can resist the penetration of moisture from both top and below. You can use these pavers freely in all outdoor applications, including pool areas that remain wet for a long period. It also means that you do not have to prepare a special base for laying these porcelain pavers. Since the tiles are impervious to the penetration of moisture, they do not crack when exposed to high heat or frost. Due to their superior moisture resistance, these pavers also deter mold development. Rust also does not spread even when there are iron structures or pipes below.


In an outdoor environment, especially patios, porches, and pools, it is inevitable that someone or the other will accidentally spill colored beverages or even cleaning chemicals that tend to immediately stain the surfaces they fall on. Over time, your lovely pavers will tend to look unsightly, and you may have no other option but to replace them at a substantial cost. However, if you are using porcelain tiles, all you need to do is to wash off the spill with water or, at the maximum, scrub it off with some detergent powder or solution.

Withstands High Traffic

Because of their robust manufacture, porcelain tiles are ideally suited for applications in high-traffic areas. Not only do they last longer because they are not as susceptible to damage, but also they are stain-proof and easy to maintain. You can buy these pavers with antiskid properties to minimize the chances of a slip and fall accident, while properly sealing and coating them will help prevent their glaze and color from fading.


Porcelain is a popular choice because of its many properties and versatility. Apart from being tough, water and stain-proof, and capable of handling high traffic, it is also aesthetically pleasing with a large assortment of styles, textures, patterns, and colors suited for virtually every design and application.


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