How Do I Match Furniture To My House?

How Do I Match Furniture To My House?

Furnishing a home can take a lot of thought and effort, especially if you’ve bought a new build. Even if you have moved into an older house, you may find that certain types of furniture look out of place. That’s not always a bad thing, as many older properties have been successfully furnished in a modern style.

In terms of matching, it’s more a case of matching your taste and ideas than the home itself. The considerations you always need to take into account are the size and position of the areas you are furnishing. A large and luxury sofa in a small room may seem a good idea, but it will dominate. 

Then there are the different styles to consider. In this short article we want to talk about how to think about the finished result of your furnished house, so let’s get started. 

What Style Of House Is Yours? 

The style of your house will undoubtedly have an influence on the furniture you choose, but don’t feel obliged to choose that which suits the period of the building. Any house, for example, will look great with these superb iconic Herman Miller furniture designs as décor, and they really are stunning when grouped together.

This sort of furniture is easy to place, not too large, and well proportioned as well as being stylish and practical. Always look for comfort and practicality in home furnishings as this is as important as good looks. We recommend using that range as inspiration for your beginning your search, but there is much more to look at besides.

The sheer number of furniture websites and blogs, plus magazines and even TV shows, is there for you to browse and get the inspiration you need to put together a great choice of superb furniture that will give your house class and style. There is one style of furniture that endures in the USA, so let’s talk about it.

Do You Like The Modern Look?

The style we are talking about is mid-century modern and it remains one of the most timeless of all design movements. This movement came about in the immediate aftermath of the Second World War, when the US was undergoing a boom in the economy. It encapsulates the forward-thinking nature of designers across the board at the time when America was moving towards a new era of fruitful living.

Mid-century modern also takes a lot of its cues from the Bauhaus movement in Europe in the early part of the 20th century, with clean and simple lines combining practicality, ease of manufacture, and comfort seamlessly. We recommend checking out mid-century modern for any type or style of home and giving it a chance in your new home design. 

What About A Rustic Theme?

If more traditional furniture design is your choice then why not think about a rustic theme? This works particularly well in kitchens – think farmhouse styles and wooden finishes – and can also look great in more modern buildings where the style does not define the home itself. The use of wood in tables, chairs, and other furnishings is popular and lends a natural theme to the look of the home and is certainly worthy of consideration.

More than anything, what you need to think about is – once again – the available space and the items that you need. Don’t be afraid to choose accessories to add to your theme as they give a bit of extra individuality. Finally, don’t forget to think about ease of cleaning when designing your home décor as you can create problems if overlooked.


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