Why Are Electric Fireplaces Better Than The Traditional Ones? Everything You Need To Know

Why Are Electric Fireplaces Better Than The Traditional Ones? Everything You Need To Know

Winter arrives once again. Cold seasons are great. You excuse yourself from going out and staying at home, feeling cozy and all. Well! If you have nothing to keep you warm and cozy, why would you stay at home? 

The only cozy and warm providers that are reliable and convenient are ELECTRIC FIREPLACES. 

I hate to be loud, but you get the excitement. Right? 

Gone are the days when getting back home, tired, with almost numb hands, and the first thing you had to do was to start gathering wood, light up a fire, to enjoy the serene warmth from fireplaces. Not anymore! 

You deserve much better, and you know it. When you are cold and tired, the only thing you want to do is comfortably lay on your couch or bed or sit in your dining, sipping coffee and switching on a warmness in the house.

Why not try the Costway’s electric fireplaces? You wouldn’t mind a glow of topaz in your space the first thing when you open the door, would you?

What if you could just come home, and by just pressing a switch, you get what you have been yearning for, warmth at last!

If you are still not sure why you should buy an electric fireplace instead of a traditional fireplace, here’s everything you need to know before you make your decision.

There is a reason it is called a traditional fireplace. Well, you could have all the reasons you insist on owning these types of fireplaces. Whatever reason you have, I’m sure the electric fireplaces will suddenly change your mind.

Here are a few reasons why you’ll love electric fireplaces better:

For literally any season, electric fireplaces are better accessories for your interior décor, and they come along with tons of benefits as well, from a sprinkle of attractiveness in your living room to saving money. Read on to be aware of why electric fireplaces are better than any other fireplace in this era.

The Durability

Electric fireplaces have a longer lifespan when compared to traditional fireplaces. Since the winter/cold season is not a one-day, one-time thing, you want a long-lasting fireplace. Luckily, you have one right here, the electric fireplace. 

What else? You get to use electric fireplaces every year without rust or corrosion. You use electric fireplaces every season, and they will still look as good as new! How cool is that?

Installation Is Easy Peasy

“Argh. Now I have to figure out how to install this thingy?”

I know you don’t want a completely new task after spending your hard earned money, do you? The ease of the electric fireplace’s installation is a steal. Just a one-step process!

Isn’t it awesome?

All you have to do is plug it in, turn on the switch and embrace the cozy warmth that the electric fireplace has to offer. However, it’s not the same with wood and gas fireplaces that are a hassle to install.

You can’t compare this deal with the traditional fireplaces where you need professional help. 

No Smoke Whatsoever

Remember when the smoke from wood was a bother to you? When the smoke filled the whole room? Do you like that?

All you wanted was to feel warm and be cozy in your own house. Is it too much to ask? 

Absolutely not! You deserve all the warmth you can get in your own space. Now With electric fireplaces, you get all that and much more. If you have allergies or conditions like asthma, you will find comfort and much-needed convenience in the electric fireplace. Electric fireplaces have zero emissions and zero harmful gases. Now you and your pets are safe. 

Also, some electric fireplaces use infrared heat to ensure the air is not dried out. Bid goodbye to the smoky odor!

Money Saver

As far as electric fireplaces are concerned, electricity saves coins. Who wouldn’t love that? 

The electric fireplaces come with zero installation fees, while the traditional fireplaces require maintenance, installation fee, and inspection fee. 

Top 3 Electric Fireplaces To Buy

These are our top 3 indoor electric fireplaces to buy for your space if you are new to the world of the electric fireplace.

Compact Portable Space Heater with Realistic Flame Effect

Want a warm and cozy winter? This electric fireplace is for you! With the glass doors, you visually experience the realistic flame effect. How heavenly!

There is also an overheating-protection system. This portable electric fireplace is very lightweight, making it easy for you to move it around the house. 

Not only does this electric fireplace keep you warm, but it also adds elegance to your space with the log-burning effect and flames, killing two birds with one stone, huh?

This electric fireplace is very easy to use and maintain. It has a low sound you can leave on without sleep or work interruption. It’s very budget-friendly and easy to install and maintain. How amazing is that? Talk about a perfect household electric fireplace, zero dust, no noise, and smoke-free.

18″ Electric Fireplace Insert Freestanding and Recessed Heater Log Flame Remote

Looking for an electric fireplace that is stylish and multifunctional? Look no further! This electric fireplace will create a warm atmosphere for you!

This 18″ electric fireplace has two different heater modes: 750w and 1500w. Do you want a fireplace for your bedroom, living room, or dining room? Worry not! The two different heater modes are suitable for various rooms and seasons.

With this electric fireplace, you can adjust the warmth and save energy even in summer, not hindering you from having happy and warm moments with your family. There are seven different flame brightness to your preferences. The flame gives a dreamy and serene feeling.

The two operating ways are fascinating; you decide whether to use the touch panel or the remote.

50” Recessed Ultra-Thin Wall Mounted Electric Fireplace with Timer

Want to save space in your house? This ultra-thin wall-mounted electric fireplace is exactly what you need.

This 50” electric fireplace can be mounted or embedded on the wall with two heating modes: 750 W low and 1500 W high. Tired of one monotonous color? The 12-colour options change the ambiance and magically cancel the monotony. Not to mention the shutoff timer from one to eight hours.

You know that time when you are already in bed and remember, ‘oh no, I did not shut off the fireplace.’ Not anymore! You can set a timer for when the electric fireplace will turn off from the comfort of your bed or couch using its remote.

This wall-mounted electric fireplace is unique, with five flames setting from dim to full glow allowing you to adjust the flame brightness to the level you prefer.

This electric fireplace will keep you smiling throughout a cozy and warm winter.

With this electric infrared heater, you will feel the winter much more bearable.


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