Who Owns This Property? How You Can Find Out

Who Owns This Property? How You Can Find Out

Have you ever wondered who owns this property? Knowing the owner of a property is very important. In fact, it can be the difference between moving between a quiet neighbor and a business that has wild operating hours. Furthermore, knowing who your neighbors might be before you move can prevent you from living next to criminals or sex offenders.

That said, finding out who owns a property can be a complex process. Sure, you can go door-to-door and ask, but that’s time-consuming and might not even work because people may lie. Thankfully, there are a handful of tools you can use to learn more about who owns a property.

Is the Owner of a Property a Public Record?

The owner of a property is a public record. There are state and county offices that contain information about people who own a piece of land. Furthermore, tax assessors, real estate agents, and even mortgage brokers often have access to information about the owner of a property. Whether you’re looking for their name, contact information, or property tax payment, this information is all available to the public.

Five Ways to Find Out Who Owns a Property

There are a handful of ways to help you find out who owns a property. That said, some methods are better than others. We cover some of the best options below. They will save you time, money, and even a headache.

1. UnMask

When you want to find out who owns this property, you can’t go wrong with a third-party public records search tool like UnMask. UnMask has an address lookup tool that allows you to enter their information into the search bar. From there, their high-powered public records search tool does the rest. It combs through millions of databases across the United States and compiles a full report about that address. Inside the full report, you can find the following:

  • The owner of a property
  • Businesses associated with the property
  • Sex offenders who live at the property
  • Criminal records for people who live on the property
  • Property taxes
  • Deed and title information
  • When the home was sold
  • Information about renters

We always recommend starting with a tool like UnMask because it does most of the heavy lifting for you. If you want to dig deeper, you know exactly where to go.

2. Tax Assessor

Every state has a tax assessor that keeps records about property taxes in an area. The tax assessor will have information about how much property taxes have to be paid, who pays them, and whether or not they’re passed due. If you want to find out the owner of an address, you can visit the tax assessor’s office or website to learn more. This information is public, so you shouldn’t have any problems if you’re in the right office.

3. Visit Your Local Library

Making a trip to your local library is also a great option. Librarians can point you in the right direction, and most libraries have access to local databases. For the best results, visit the library that’s in the same area. That said, most libraries in the same state should be able to help.

4. Visit the County Clerk

The county clerk is someone who will have information about the owner of a property. They will have information about a property because it’s their job to maintain information about properties by name, lien, mortgage, judgments, and much more. Therefore, if something is going on with a property, there’s a good chance the county clerk knows about it. Most county clerks have an office you can visit, but information might also be available over the phone or online. A quick Google search can help you determine what contact methods are available.

5. Ask Around

Last but not least, you can ask around. People in the neighborhood or building (for apartment complexes) may know more about the owner of a property. You can also ask real estate agents, mortgage brokers, and even insurance agents. They’ll likely have some information about the home, but we only recommend going this route if you plan on purchasing or renting; otherwise, you might be wasting their time.

Find Out Who Owns a Property Today!

Finding the owner of a property has never been easier. State, local, and third-party search tools make it easy to access anything that’s a public record in minutes. We always recommend starting your search with a tool like UnMask and then refining it with state and local databases. This process will save you time, money, and your sanity.


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