What Type Of Water Filtration System Do You Need?

What Type Of Water Filtration System Do You Need?

We can never undermine the importance of getting high-quality water into our systems. More so, having clean water to use for cooking, cleaning, and other activities we do daily. Therefore, it is important to know what is in your water and what those things do to your life and body. Some might say getting bottled water is an option, but does not this cost a considerable amount of money in the long run? Luckily, we now have water filters available for use. These have been great additions not only to homes but to commercial establishments too.

The Different Kinds of Water Filtration Systems

Are you planning on getting a water filtration system to have water at its finest quality? We can help with that. We have created a list of the most common water filters and their uses. Feel free to browse through and choose the one that suits you best.

Refrigerator Filter

This type of filter is usually integrated into refrigerators. This is a common staple among households and offices as it instantly gives out filtered water for drinking. This is effective in filtering our mercury, lead, and other contaminants that may affect your water’s odor and taste. This utilizes a carbon filtration system that comes with no complex parts, so you can be sure to have ice cubes and drinking water that is clean.

Water Filter Pitcher

As other people fear about filters, the process of using this should not bother you. It requires no installation and can give you filtered water in an instant. It features a water reservoir and a carbon and ion exchange filtration that removes contaminants and chemicals from the water. It can filter sediments, lead, and reduce chlorine. It is easily portable and compact, but it cannot filter large volumes of water.

Whole House Water Filter

The best choice for those who hate having water issues. This type of water filtration system can cater to an entire house with a large volume requirement for filtered water. This entails the use of carbon filters, UV filtration, multiple sediment filters, and more, depending on the type. It may range from the standard type to high-end systems. It is effective in filtering lead, bacteria, chlorine, sediments, and other contaminants. However, the downside for this type would be its installation process and cost. As it caters to large volumes of water, expect it to come at a high cost and with a complicated installation. Some may require professional installation or a couple of changes in your current plumbing system. 

Faucet Mount Water Filter

Fitting for people who want to steer clear from complicated installations, the faucet sink water filter remains a great choice. This usually has a diverter valve that allows switching from filtered to non-filtered water. It is effective in filtering out chlorine, lead, and sediments. It typically utilizes ion exchange or carbon filters. This delivers continuous filtration of water for any purpose. It is commonly used to filter out water for cooking and drinking. Simply attach it to your faucet, and water will be filtered as it comes out. This is an inexpensive option, but faucet water filters are not built to fit all types of faucets.

Under-Sink Water Filter

For someone who wants a clean, neat, and minimalist feel for their sinks, the under-sink water filter is the best option to go for. As is indicated in its name, the filtering device is to be installed under the sink. It usually utilizes reverse osmosis filtration, sediment prefilters, and carbon filters. This depends on whether you got a standard or high-end system. It provides continuous filtration and is usually used for filtering water for cooking and drinking. The only trouble with this would be that it requires a complicated installation and can be noisy at times.

Shower Head Filter

So far, this is one of the inexpensive choices in the market. It requires no installation, and it can easily fit most showers. It uses oxidation-reduction filtration or carbon filters. It also works well in removing chlorine and sediment, leaving you with filtered water that is good for bathing or washing. Hard water can cause skin irritation and dry hair, shower head filters aid in preventing these from happening. As for convenience, shower head filters can easily be detached and attached back.

Water Bottle Filter and Straw Filter

For those looking to filter water in their water bottles, this can do the job for you. It usually uses an activated carbon filter that filters out chlorine, particulates, and other contaminants. This can work, but it only filters a relatively limited volume of water. On the other hand, it features a straw filter that does the filtering as water passes through it and up to your mouth. It comes with a cylinder and a mouthpiece. You can use this by placing the end of the mouthpiece into the water and sipping on the straw for filtered water. Most of the time, these are used in water bottles.

Countertop Filters

This type is designed to be placed on top alongside the sink as opposed to under-sink filters. This features a filter on top of it and a water reservoir at the bottom. This can filter out a larger volume of water as compared to the water pitcher filter. This works by filtering out water from the primary source and then pouring it out through the integrated faucet that comes with it. This is usually utilized in kitchens but is not ideal for those with limited space.


There are several determinants to take into consideration when looking for a water filtration system. Though most types are accessible and can easily be bought in physical or online stores, water filters come in different shapes and sizes. They are designed to filter water but in different methods. Getting to know each one will help you make the right decision on finding the right water filter for you. Weigh its pros and cons and choose one that is the most suitable for you. Whatever option you choose, make sure to always go for the quality.


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