What to Consider When Buying Blinds for Your Home Windows

What to Consider When Buying Blinds for Your Home Windows

What should you consider when buying blinds for your front room or bedroom? Should you even consider blinds or are you better off purchasing curtains instead? These questions are difficult to answer but they depend on the nature of your room.

You will need to consider questions such as how big your room is, the color of all your other furnishing as well as your own personal taste. If you have shutters this can also make things more complicated.

But don’t worry here’s everything you need to know about window blinds.

Do They Match With Your Wallpaper or Carpet?

One of the key considerations for getting blinds is if they match the wallpaper. You don’t want to buy blinds where the color scheme is off.

If you want black curtains to stop the sunlight coming in, then you don’t want a really dark living room or a color that doesn’t fit like blue or bright yellow.

You need to choose your blinds carefully. If in any doubt then try calling on the help of an interior designer to help you figure out the latest 2020 trends. Remember that your blinds should also match up with any shutters you have installed.

You could also read this plantation shutters guide to help you decide how to pick your shutters in conjunction with your blinds.

Blinds vs. Curtains

Another key question you need to ask yourself is if you want to get blinds or curtains. Blinds for windows are great but they can stop a lot of light from streaming through into your living room at all times.

Some argue Venetian blinds give you headaches but curtains can come with a lot of issues too. You could just choose a different type of blinds.

Blinds could be great if you have a living room that faces the sun and you live in a state like California that is sunny most of the year-round. But it’s not so great if you live in a state that doesn’t get as much sunlight and you want to enjoy it when you can.

Curtains can solve this solution as you can have a thick pair of curtains and some net curtains behind them so nobody can see in but you get lots of light.

Cleaning Your Curtains

The problem with curtains is that they need cleaning regularly. As they are thick and tall this can be a logistical nightmare.

If you have children or pets, then your curtains might soon get dirty very quickly. Blinds for windows might be a more practical solution. But again, this will depend on the size of your windows. If you have tall or unusually shaped windows, then window blinds might not be the best option as they get can tangled easily 

Buying Blinds? Do Some Research

The most important thing you can do when buying blinds is to do some careful research. You want to be sure of how the blinds will look when you install them in your room. You also want to make sure the color scheme is correct and that they work correctly.

If you want to read more about buying blinds be sure to check out the rest of our site.


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