What Is The Most Luxurious Type Of House, And Can You Find It With An App?

What Is The Most Luxurious Type Of House, And Can You Find It With An App?

Have you ever watched Selling Sunset? It’s a reality show that dives into the luxurious real estate in the Los Angeles area of Southern California, showcasing homes worth millions. On average, these homes cost about $5 million, with the homes selling off the market in most cases. When they go on the market, the offers come in fast and hard, and the homeowners often get more than they even anticipated. If you are in the market for such a home, you may be wondering how you can clinch a deal before the house gets a new owner. And here’s the good news – see how we have apps for everything? We have apps to order food, send emails, hire skilled and unskilled labor, etc. We even have gaming apps that allow us to make money from the comfort of our homes, like the top rated bingo apps. In the same way, we have real estate apps that showcase these and other houses.

But what makes these and other homes in the vicinity (the valley and Beverly Hills) luxurious? And why would using an app be the right way to find them?

What Makes These Homes Luxurious?

Luxury is a feeling that real estate agents sell to prospective buyers. And what does it entail? The moment you walk into a space, you should feel its grandeur engulfing you. Even without making out the details in the home, you should tell that the owner spent a lot of time and money making it the space it is today. And with homes in Beverly Hills and Sunset Hills, you find that the emphasis lies in the:

  • Security Systems: Most people buying these homes are celebrities or entrepreneurs who want to lead a quiet yet luxurious life. And they do not take any chances with the security of their goods and their loved ones. As such, all high-end homes must feature top-notch home security systems.
  • The convenience of the Home: This aspect does not relate to the accessibility of the lot but instead concerns the smart features in the home. More people are leaning towards smart controls and do not want to be in homes where they must put in some manual labor. Instead, they want to control the lights, security, and other home features at the tap of a button or with voice control.
  • Quality of the Bathroom: Why go to the spa when you can build one right in your home? Most people buying luxury property do not want to spend money and time redoing the space. Instead, they want a full-fitted bathroom with a minimalist but spa-like allure. The million-dollar homes feature separate showers and tubs, saunas, steam rooms, and even jacuzzis. Anyone using them should feel relaxed before dipping their feet in the tubs.
  • The Beauty of the Kitchen: A chef’s kitchen is non-negotiable as most people buying luxury property love to entertain their guests. Thus, they demand a space where a chef would not only use high-end appliances but also have the space to whip up delectable meals for their guests. Homes that do not have this kind of structure end up putting off buyers who would have otherwise taken up the space.

Of course, the homes have many extras like indoor-outdoor living, walk-in closets, his and hers bathrooms, etc. And if you would like to glimpse some examples of these luxury homes, you can check out the following:

  1. Harold Way, Hollywood Hills — $5,490,000,
  2. Sunset Plaza, Hollywood Hills — $5,495,000, and
  3. N. Beverly Glen Blvd., Los Angeles — $5,750,000.

Many other examples also exist where you can see the features laid out above at work.

Why Would Anyone Use A Real Estate App?

Finding a home has become much easier with the launch of digital marketing. And that’s because developers have also put up apps where prospective homebuyers, sellers, and agents can interact with each other. The apps allow two-way communication, making it easier for parties to decide if they have common ground. If they like what the other has to say or offer, they can engage with each other more and arrange house tours as they see fit. So, what are the advantages of using such apps?

  • They have extensive listings: For agents or homebuyers who want to look at a wide array of options, apps are the best place to start. They have almost everything under the sun, allowing you to understand what’s in the market and the current rates.
  • They allow you to filter your search results: If you want a home with 3 baths priced under $5,000,000, you can input this in the app, and you will get homes that fit this match. Interestingly, agents also understand how buyers search for homes. So, rather than price a home at $5,000,000, they will price it at $4,995,000 or something close to $5,000,000. That way, they can also attract buyers within their price range, rather than getting locked out owing to a very specific listing price.
  • They are accessible: Rather than physically looking at one home after the other, you can do so using the app. People upload realistic images and videos of properties, allowing you to take a virtual tour before deciding if you want to take an actual tour. It is convenient and saves you a lot of time.

Please note that you should only use apps that vet their listings to ensure you get what you see on the app. Also, follow through with your due diligence and involve your legal team throughout the process. All the best!


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