Ways To Stay Prepared for a Lockout Emergency

Ways To Stay Prepared for a Lockout Emergency

If you have ever been into an emergency lockout situation, then the first thing you were forced to do was call a locksmith, who might have arrived after an hour or two. But why should you wait for a locksmith when you can prevent emergency lockouts from happening? So, here are the preventive measures that you should remember.

Keep an extra key

It would help if you always kept an extra key, the most secure option to prevent a lockout. Please do not lose the key or give it to somebody else. You can lock the extra key somewhere or give it to someone you trust who can help you during an emergency. It can be a close member or neighbor whom you trust. Thus, you won’t have to break into your property if you get stuck outside due to the lock issues.

Keep a spare key outside

You might not know when an emergency lockout can happen, so the quick and easy fix is to keep a spare key outside. It would help if you chose a safe spot to hide the key, accessible only to you. Based on the climate, your secret place should be waterproof and can also beat the sun and snow. Also, to prevent confusion, you must label it as a sphere key. However, if the situation goes beyond control, you must contact reliable Locksmith services Springfield MO.

Keep the windows and doors locked

To prevent lockout emergencies, you can always lock your doors and windows. You must ensure the door locks are working correctly and engage them daily. Usually, lockouts are seen due to door jams or if the lock has not been used for quite some time. Always secure the window and side entrances and double-check the lock before you leave the premises. You must continually invest in security features like deadbolts. Also, an outdoor storage garage should be secured with a lock system to reduce the chances of accidental lockout.

Using a smart lock

With the development of technology, smart locks have been introduced as the best possible way to tackle a lockout emergency. These are usually connected through the internet, and you can control them remotely using your app or smartphone. If you want to grant access to somebody else, you can set the schedule or monitor who enters and leaves the premises from a distance. They also come with biometric authentication and an auto-lock timer to ensure that nobody attempts to enter your property. If you forget the code or find yourself locked out, you can use the app to unlock the door.

Summing it up

Create a network of neighbors who can help you during a lockout situation. These members usually watch out for each other and minimize the chances of crime. It would help to have proper insurance to support you through the financial crisis during any emergency, as being locked out can be costly. You might have to call a locksmith service. Also, before you sign the homeowner insurance policy, ensure it covers lockouts, and check the exclusions or restrictions based on lockout.


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