Ultra Exclusive $65,930 Rosanna & Paolo Brass Crystal Cabochon Sideboard

Ultra Exclusive Rosanna & Paolo Brass Crystal Cabochon Sideboard

French sculptor and designer, Erwan Boulloud has created the embodiment of luxury and refinement with numerous custom limited edition collectable furniture designs. His sculptural furniture art pieces generate a lineage of evocative design with aesthetic success by combining traditional techniques of cabinet making, with digital design and metalworking.

Rosanna & Paulo is a limited-edition Sideboard with patinated brass marquetry and 32 inlaid rock crystal cabochons. With a total weight of approximately 230kg, the evocative sculptural design of this Sideboard truly reveals the profundity and symbolic feature of its material, which is raw, polished and decorticated to perfection.

“Beyond its aesthetic success, I feel a work of art is successful in its ability to generate a lineage, this is to me the testimony of its profundity” – Erwan Boulloud.

Custom made to order and limited in number, the Rosanna & Paulo furniture series is an intrinsically unique high end furniture piece that is also fundamentally a work of art. As an artistic creation, each unique piece holds an intrinsic value that can be viewed as a coveted collectible in which price is not viewed as the defining factor for acquisition.

  • Name: Rosanna & Paulo
  • Brand: Erwan Boulloud
  • Product: Credenza
  • Designer: Erwan Boulloud
  • Country: France
  • Price: $65,930 USD – Domus Aurea
  • Year: 2021


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