Trending Features Taking Over Luxury Kitchens

Trending Features Taking Over Luxury Kitchens

The penchant for open floor plans is just one expression of the extent to which kitchens have become the most important room in the home for many families. Luxury kitchen islands and an open connection with living rooms have transformed the kitchen into the family’s main gathering space – one that is utilized as much for food preparation as it is for bonding and entertaining. If you’re in the process of purchasing a luxury home, and having a cutting-edge kitchen is a priority, then ask your realtor to ensure that the homes they show you have a kitchen with one or more of these trending features.

A Mix of Luxury Finishes

Of the select list of kitchen trends defined by Homes and Gardens this year, more than one involves the use of luxury materials. Think beautifully veined marble, grained ash wood finishes, concrete features for islands and countertops, and mixed metallic hues on features such as kitchen stool legs, lighting and cabinetry. Top designers are foregoing monochrome looks in favor of mixing up different materials to create an eclectic blend of modern and traditional, cozy and minimalist, urban and rustic influences.

Smart Appliances

There are an estimated 175 million smart homes across the globe, and indeed, luxury buyers usually prioritize technology when purchasing a home. Temperature control, entertainment and security are three areas in which smart tech is holding sway, but high-end kitchens aren’t missing out on the convenience offered by automation either. Just a few features to watch out for include remote diagnostics, seamless integration (for instance, the hob and hood operate synergistically so that when you start up the hob, the hood automatically starts ventilating the kitchen), and equipment such as washing machines and dishwashers that automatically recommend the right energy saving settings for your load.

Smart Fridges

Fridges are playing a starring role in many luxury kitchens, with features such as automatic ordering, storage advice, and tracking of expiration dates. If you will be furnishing your new kitchen from scratch, then finding a lifestyle-suitable fridge is key, especially if you have a large family. When buying your intelligent fridge, research online to discover its reputation for reliability, length and scope of warranty. If size is an issue, luxury manufacturers make fridges in a wide variety of widths and heights, with some offering made-to-measure design and manufacture. Feel free to play around with color as well. If budget isn’t a problem, then colors such as chrome, black and copper turn your fridge into an artistic component of your kitchen.

Handle-Free Design

Handle-free kitchens exude modernity while preserving hygiene, since they allow home dwellers to easily clean large surfaces without the extra task of removing grease from handles. There are various options when it comes to handle-free furniture. Some contain handle strips that are milled into the wood; others have a completely smooth surface and require a touch for the cupboard to open. Other designs have doors that slide sideways. Handle-free furniture comes in a wide variety of shapes, hues and finishes. They can exist in the form of cupboards, kitchen island storage spaces, or furniture beneath dishwashers and other key equipment.

Having a beautiful kitchen is an important consideration for high-end home buyers. Smart kitchens, handle-free storage solutions, and an aesthetically pleasing blend of materials are just a few trends holding sway. So, too, are smart fridges, which do everything from display their interior at a touch, to advising you of food items that are close to their expiration date.


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