Top Cities to Buy Properties in Spain

Top Cities to Buy Properties in Spain

Are you looking to move to Spain?

If you want a permanent settlement for living in Spain, you need to buy a property. But what are the top cities to buy properties in Spain?

As Spain is a large and beautiful country, it’s tempting to buy a Spanish home in almost any town or city you love.

But you want to choose a place that can give you a homely feeling. You also want to choose a place that can offer a great ROI in the future.

Here’s where you should consider buying a second home in Spain.


Without a doubt, Marbella is one of Spain’s most beautiful and exciting cities.

This is a beautiful beach city that attracts locals and ex-pats alike. You can buy a beautiful property here in a secluded area. You can also find an apartment that’s close to the action if you prefer.

Marbella also has many exclusive and high-profile residents. As a result, you can expect property prices to appreciate.


Panoramic view of Porte de Soller, Palma Mallorca, Spain

This is another great place that many tourists like to flock to. But it’s also a great place to live in if you enjoy beaches and beautiful waters.

You’ll enjoy island life without having to deal with the difficulties of island life. You can enjoy beautiful homes with comfortable amenities. 

It’s a great place to find a great community of ex-pats and locals alike. This is also a great place to buy an investment property. Consider it as a place for permanent as well as temporary settling.


Spain’s capital city is a great place to live full-time. Here you can buy a great apartment in a suburb or the city center.

Madrid is a great place for families, couples, and singles. It’s also one of Europe’s most visited cities. As a result, if you live in Spain temporarily, you can rent out your apartment for passive income.

Madrid is a great place to make friends with locals and ex-pats alike. It’s a great place to find work, start a business, or go to school. It remains one of the most popular places to live in Spain.

As such, if you decide to sell your property later on, you can depend on a great ROI in Madrid.

Madrid isn’t the best place to buy a home as you would in Marbella or Mallorca, however. But you can accumulate several apartments both for living and investing. Even if you prefer the laid-back life of Marbella or Mallorca, you might still want to consider buying in Madrid.

Now You Can Buy Properties in Spain

Now you can buy properties in Spain by looking at your options in these dynamic cities. Make sure you take tours of several properties before you settle.

You want to also explore each city to see if you’d like to live there. Whether you plan to be there temporarily or permanently, you want to feel at home in whichever city you choose.

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