Top 6 Interior Design Trends for Luxury Living in California

Top 6 Interior Design Trends for Luxury Living in California

In 2021, luxurious interior design will be all about individuality, fresh color palettes, and extra comfort. And sunny California might just be the right place for embracing some of the boldest trends. After all, this place is home to so many creatives, innovators, and other people with extravagant tastes. 

However, the new trends will be mixing with the stateโ€™s staple aesthetic because some older tendencies are definitely here to stay. For instance, the appreciation of Mid-Century Modern elements and abundant indoor greenery arenโ€™t going anywhere any time soon. Ready to know and see more? Now, to present the top 6 design trends for luxury living in the Golden State, weโ€™ve illustrated this article with beautiful images created by means ofย 3D interior rendering. So, enjoy!

1. Eclectic Styles

Eclectic Styles - Top 6 Interior Design Trends for Luxury Living in California

First things first, polished interiors completely done in one style are no longer hot. Instead, weโ€™ll be seeing more eclectic spaces combining all kinds of contrasting shapes, colors, and textures. For instance, in 2021, you should not hesitate to mix various Boho or Coastal elements with Mid-Century Modern or Classic features. Also, the overall tendency here is gravitating towards the use of artisanal pieces and natural materials, including wood, rattan, tapestries, straw, and so on.

2. Statement Decor Pieces

Statement Decor Pieces - Top 6 Interior Design Trends for Luxury Living in California

When it comes to decor, quality over quantity is the new motto. In 2021, trendy luxurious interiors will have fewer decor items with more personality. For instance, in the CG image above, we can see two statement art objects on the walls. And to display them in all their glory, the rest of the space is left clear of distracting accessories. Moreover, the orange accents on the walls frame the pieces, immediately drawing the eye to them.

3. Sleek-Looking Kitchens

Sleek-Looking Kitchens - Top 6 Interior Design Trends for Luxury Living in California

Fully integrated hardware, hidden appliances, and no open shelving in kitchens are another strong interior design trend of the upcoming year. The emphasis will be placed on clean lines and appreciation of the materials used. The best choices for facades will be light natural woods, as well as boldly painted ones for homeowners who are feeling adventurous. At the same time, white, gray, and beige kitchens will begin to look dated. As for decor, live plants will be the go-to option.

4. Freestanding Bathtubs

Freestanding Bathtubs - Top 6 Interior Design Trends for Luxury Living in California

A freestanding bathtub is what truly sets apart a luxurious bathroom interior. It has long been a feature of high-end hotels of spa resorts, a symbol of ultimate relaxation. But in 2021, weโ€™ll be seeing more of those posh tubs installed in homes. In terms of colors and materials for such a bath, you can have full creative freedom. But weโ€™ve got to agree that copper options look particularly exquisite. In any case, a freestanding tub will add an extra feel of luxury to your self-care day.

5. Bold Wall Paints and Printed Wallpapers

Bold Wall Paints and Printed Wallpapers - Top 6 Interior Design Trends for Luxury Living in California

Bold wall paints and printed wallpapers are some of the most notable and flamboyant interior design trends of 2021. At the same time, accent walls are definitely out. So, if youโ€™re going with paint, donโ€™t hesitate to cover everything in one color, including doors, moldings, fireplaces, and even shelvings and cabinetry. That gives the room a sophisticated look, which is both fresh and put-together. And if your choice is printed wallpaper, you can still use it as an accent in cases like the one in the CG image above.

6. Warm Earth Tones

Warm Earth Tones - Top 6 Interior Design Trends for Luxury Living in California

Last but not least, we have warm earth tones โ€” a great alternative to bright colors for those who prefer calm, cozy interiors. From wall paint to furniture upholstery and textiles, you can use those natural colors virtually everywhere, and it wonโ€™t be too much. On the contrary, itโ€™ll be a stylish substitute to pale neutrals that were popular for well over a decade until now. Overall, warm earth tones can do well both on their own and in a combo with bright pops of color and/or light neutrals, such as whites and grays.ย Well, those were the top 6 interior design trends for luxury living in California in 2021. As you can see, there will be a great variety of vibrant colors, natural materials, and offbeat accessories. And the ultimate goal will be creating spaces that give an authentic and personal feel.


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