Top 5 Storage Ideas For Your Kitchen

Top 5 Storage Ideas For Your Kitchen

A cluttered kitchen never feels nice, especially if this is the place where the whole family gathers every evening or if you spend a considerable amount of time in this room. Unfortunately, kitchens tend to collect a lot of clutter – this is why they might not feel the most peaceful places to be in. Not to mention that clutter also takes space that you could otherwise use for cooking or other activities. 

If you feel like the clutter in your cooking space has gotten out of hand, there are a few things you can do to save your kitchen. Below you will discover five storage ideas for your kitchen. 

1. Store Things Above Your Window

Besides allowing light to get into the room, windows can also let you organize your storage space better. For example, you can install some pretty shelves above your window and store some of your kitchen stuff there. 

This trick is perfect for people who want to add some decorations or want to showcase their kitchen equipment. Furthermore, if you have dishes that don’t fit inside your kitchen cabinets anymore or they look badly abandoned on your countertop, you can place them on the new shelves. Just make sure they are anchored properly.

Even if your kitchen is smaller, the shelves will increase the space and prevent clutter. “A simple shelf above a window increases display space for plates, bowls, and art,” says Hadley Mendelsohn on 

2. Consider a Magnetic Knife Holder

We know – you love fridge magnets. Who doesn’t? But magnets can also be used for storage. Of course, we’re talking about different types of magnets, but you get the idea. If you have multiple knives, especially bulkier ones, you will be able to store them in a better way if you use a magnetic knife holder. 

Believe it or not, knives can take up a lot of space. So, you should ditch your old knife holder and opt for a magnetic one instead. It’s easy to install above the countertop, it saves space, and it also lets you secure the knives in place.

3. Add a Pull-Out Pantry

If you have problems organizing your pantry and you feel like whatever you do, there isn’t enough space, and everything is chaotic, you should consider a pull-out pantry. 

Pull-out organizers are easy to use and allow you to organize your items properly. Whenever you need something, you just pull out the pantry and get it. The best things to keep inside include cooking essentials like dry goods and spices. 

4. Buy Some Baskets

Baskets can work amazingly for storage purposes, and the cherry on top is certainly the look they add to your kitchen. Let’s be honest: plastic bins are not the most appealing objects, and they would only ruin the aspect of your cooking space. If you add baskets instead, you will considerably improve the kitchen décor while having more ways to store things like vegetables or fruits. 

“When your storage is out on display, plastic bins just won’t cut it,” says Nicole Doster on “Try something more decorative like a basket to hold produce, mail, or even a few cookbooks.”

What makes it better is that they’re not even expensive. You can buy some cheap and cute baskets and they will simply work in any kitchen. 

5. Get a Pull-Out Cutting Board

Cutting boards are essential in any kitchen, but unfortunately they take up space, no matter where you decide to keep them. Storing them can become an issue pretty fast, especially if you have more than one cutting board. 

Well, installing a pull-out cutting board will solve this issue. All you have to do is pull it out like you would pull out a drawer. If you make sure it has a hole too, it will also let you place the bin underneath so all the scraps can be brushed into it. 

“It’s a total veggie-chopping game-changer,” says Hadley Mendelsohn on

Final Thoughts

Organizing your kitchen can become a daunting task if you don’t have enough storage space. Luckily, if you consider the tips offered here, you will obtain more space for all your items and avoid cluttering your kitchen.


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