Interior Home Planning – Best Flooring For A Home With Pets

Interior Home Planning - Best Flooring For A Home With Pets

Pets bring a family together like nothing else: they offer affection, help teach kids responsibility, and become a member of the family themselves.  Unfortunately, not every house out there is ready for a pet.  They can damage carpet, scratch up hardwood floors, and stain anything they can reach if they’re not house trained yet.

Here are some pros and cons of the most common types of flooring, as we aim to inform you on how to properly protect your floors from pets.


There’s something about a plush and soft carpet that makes a lot of people feel at home.  For pets, although this surface is terrific for laying down and relaxing: it’s awful for maintenance.  If you have a younger dog or cat that’s still marking or making mistakes: or an older pet who’s incontinent, a plush carpet can cause cleaning concerns.

Carpets also trap in odor, stains easily, and can gain a dusty texture if your pet is running in and out of the home.  If there are any allergies in the home, in people or pets, carpet can also exacerbate them, which can be dangerous.

Carpet is the worst option unless you go for a pet-friendly type.


Laminate flooring has been coming back in style since there are so many new designs and customizations available.  Unfortunately, a lot of laminate’s older problems are still here.  It can buckle under excess moisture, which leads to warping and uneven flooring.  It’s also not always stain proof, which can be an issue if your pet has toilet problems.

If you’re looking at Little Rock houses for sale and find laminate, don’t let it scare you away: you can easily replace it.


Despite its classic allure and resistance to gathering odor and allergens, hardwood may still not be the right decision.  If you have a dog, even if you upkeep its nails every other week, your wood flooring will get scratched up.

Hardwood can also be hard to maintain since it can stain, discolor, and crack with age.  Another drawback is hardwood can be incredibly slick, and if your dog is running around, it can slip and potentially hurt itself.

Tile and Stone

If you want something durable and customizable- tile and stone can deliver.  These floorings are resistant to stains, won’t scratch or dent from a dog’s nails, and are relatively affordable.  The most considerable drawback is that these aren’t comfortable for a dog. Always laying on a too-hard surface can lead to spurs in dog’s joints, and can make it harder for older pets to move around or lay down.

Although rugs and soft pet beds can help with this situation, it’s still hard on most pets.

Bamboo and Cork Flooring

These are, by far, the winner.  They’re softer on pet’s joints, forgiving when it comes to scratches, and are stain-resistant.  They offer the best parts of every other flooring while also being customizable enough that you can make your home look like anything you’d like.

Bamboo and cork also have the perk of being cheaper than most flooring, which makes them the top choice!


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