Top 4 Iconic Houses In Video Games

Top 4 Iconic Houses In Video Games

One element that makes video games very popular is that it gives life to our imagination and let the players live their wildest fantasy. Starting from the awe-striking world of fairies to sci-fi planets and spooky haunted houses, there is nothing that cannot be created in the video gaming world.

Many times, more than the gameplay, what attracts us is the amazing graphics and alluring places that are present in the gaming world. The iconic Croft mansion of Laura Croft and the upcycles barrels of the popular video game character Cranky Kong are the best examples. If you are interested in such games with enticing graphics, you may also want to look into these online casino games that have excellent graphics.

Our superheroes also want a rest and take a break from this noisy world after an eventful day of slaughtering and saving the planet. But at times, the houses that are given to these legendary characters are not worthy of them. A place that these superheroes can call home will become iconic depending on its features, how they are suitable for the gaming universe, and how they look.

You can look at the list given below to know the most legendary video game houses that are worthy of their heroes.

Uncharted 4: A Thiefโ€™s End-Beach House of Nate and Elena

Even though this beach house of the roguish hero of Uncharted, Nathan Drake, is only shown once in the episode named โ€˜Epilogue,โ€™ the place will leave a good impression on the players. This place becomes memorable not because the players are giving farewell to Nathan, but because the overall ambiance of the house makes it one of the most desirable places for the players to settle in. The treasures, the gunnels, and the natural lights that flood that house highlight the hippie nature of the couple. The maps, charts, and photos of places in the living room throw light on their beautiful past and the future of the adventure that is waiting for them.

The Sims 4 – Ophelia Villa

The Sims family has always been known for their Goth villas, but their Ophelia Villa in The Sims 4 has become the favourite place of all video game lovers. The hallway that is decorated by an Armor, the gothic style master bedroom, the grand gothic music room with a classical piano and violin, and the attic bedroom make it perfect for the gamerโ€™s favourite macabre family. Thus, Ophelia Villa is perfect for the gaming universe as it encompasses the drama and horrors of a gothic mansion.

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas – Johnsonโ€™s House

All the GTA games are really popular for the wide range of stays, such as the grand hotels and apartments that are provided to the protagonists. However, the most iconic house in the entire GTA series is owned by Jonson. In the game, there are a few properties that belong to him. But this is the house where the protagonist spends his entire childhood, and as he receives it after his motherโ€™s death, the gamers tend to develop a sense of comfort and emotional attachment to the house.

Tomb Raider II – Croft Mansion

Lara Croftโ€™s mansion is one of Tomb Raider fans’ all-time favourite places. This is the place where the players train and learn the gaming mechanisms. The indoor swimming pool, obstacle course, and iconic sound system make this a place where you would like to spend your holiday.

So, try these games and get a taste of the legendary houses of your iconic video game protagonists.


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