Tips To Find The Best Office Spaces In Bangalore, India

Tips To Find The Best Office Spaces In Bangalore, India

Are you planning to commence or expand your business in Bangalore? Do you want to lease flexible office space in Bangalore? If yes, then you’ve landed on the right page because Smartworks is here to help you meet all your space-related needs. Being the most prominent hub for the IT Sector, the capital of Karnataka is also famously recognized as the ‘Silicon Valley of India’ and ‘IT Capital of India’.

Bangalore is unarguably one of the best cities in India for commercialization and industrialization. On the other hand, many large and medium business entities have already acquired flexible office spaces in Bangalore to streamline the processes and satisfy the workforce.

Considering the shift in the trend, it is the right time to switch from conventional offices to fully furnished, tech-enabled, and enterprise managed office space in Bangalore. Smartworks is India’s largest platform for managed office spaces, with a presence across 12 cities.

In this article, we will mention some of the tips, benefits, and a few commercial buildings to lease flexible office space in Bangalore.

Tips to Lease an Enterprise-Managed Office Space in Bangalore

As we said above, many large and medium enterprises have already switched from traditional to modern-day managed workspaces. But many out there aren’t aware of the ideal process to lock in the best deal. We’re sharing some tips for such individuals so that they can acquire the best office spaces in Bangalore.

1. Understand Your Space-Related Needs

If you’re planning to switch from conventional to modern-day, premium, and enterprise workspaces in Bangalore, one of the first obligations is to determine your space and resource needs. Businesses can reduce the time and money spent on the same by clearly defining their requirements and concentrating on fulfilling them.

2. Analyze the Location

Analyzing the location is indeed one of the foremost suggestions that can help you lease the best flexible office space. There’s no point in leasing office space in the middle of a residential or remote area. We at Smartworks provide the best office spaces at prime business locations.

3. Online Research

Offline or traditional market research is something that many business owners support, and it is unquestionably a good concept. However, before visiting their possible offices, many of them do internet research to ask questions and gather more details. It provides them with a decent opportunity to consider the bigger picture and get benefits from it.

4. Parking and Other Office Amenities

Parking is an underrated element that has a major impact on the deal. Businesses need to evaluate further their plan of action regarding their workforce. Parking vehicles in a non-parking area creates many opportunities for damage and theft cases. So, one should always consider and access all the required amenities whenever they’re on a visit to lease a flexible workspace.

Amenities play a significant role in maximizing the performance of the team. We at Smartworks understand the need for modern-day amenities to streamline and empower the entire process of operations. This is one of the motivations that allow us to provide the best office amenities in 12 different cities. Below are some of our modern-day office amenities:

  • Meeting/Conference/Training Rooms
  • Snooze and Medical Rooms
  • Gaming and Collaboration Zones
  • Private Cabins and Phone Booths
  • Smart Café, Pantry, and Stores
  • Parking and Lobby Area

5. Compare the Available Options and Opt. for the Best

By comparing the available options, one can take the right decision and acquire the best flexible office space in Bangalore at a very reasonable and genuine price range.

These are some of the best and primary suggestions that can help you to lease the best-managed office space in the capital of Karnataka. If you analyze the current scenario, then you will realize that it is the right time to move into fully-furnished, amenities-packed, tech-enabled, and employee-centric office spaces.

Below are some of the advantages of working in a Managed Workspace.

  1. Managed workspaces are more flexible than traditional ones.
  2. Managed workspaces are packed with modern-day office amenities.
  3. Managed workspaces are cost-efficient.
  4. Managed workspaces help to increase the productivity of the workforce
  5. Managed workspaces provide the utmost security and safety to people, assets, and properties.

These are some of the primary benefits of leasing flexible office space in Bangalore. To avail of these benefits, you can simply connect with Smartworks and get a managed workspace. Finally, below are the best commercial buildings where you can get shared workspaces with free and flawless access to all the amenities.

  1. Global Technology Park: Tower C & Tower D, Bellandur, Outer Ring Road
  2. Golden Millenium: 69/1 Millers Road
  3. Sirius Building: 69/3 Millers Road
  4. Sargod Imperial: 93, Field Marshal Cariappa Road, Shanthala Nagar, Ashok Nagar
  5. DSR Techno Cube: BBMP Katha No. 639/645/1, Survey No. 68, Village, Varthur Road, Next to SKR Kalyan Mantapa, Thubarahalli.
  6. Prestige Zeenath: Raja Ram Mohan Roy Road, Sampangi Rama Nagar
  7. Karle Town: Building No. 05, Nagavara Village, Kasaba Hobli, Bangalore North Taluk
  8. Vaishnavi Tech Park: Bellandur – 560103

Apart from Bangalore, Smartworks provide enterprise office spaces in Delhi-NCR, Pune, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Kolkata, Chennai, Indore, and Jaipur. So, don’t wait any longer and connect with Smartworks for Premium & Enterprise Managed Office Spaces in India.


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