Tips On How To Successfully Sell Or Buy A House In Atlanta In 2022

Tips On How To Successfully Sell Or Buy A House In Atlanta In 2022

Are you ready to fulfill your American Dream and get a cozy house, yet don’t know where to start? Or maybe your estate has been listed for sale for ages and, somehow, it doesn’t attract buyers? No matter if you’re buying or selling houses in Atlanta, the process can be stressful and confusing. Yet, here are some secrets to being successful in the real estate market. Knowing the tips and hacks, you can avoid being stuck in the hell cycle of a never-stopping search and failed deals. 

1. Find a real estate agent that knows the city and has experience working in your neighborhood

When looking for real estate for sale in Georgia, first, you need narrow down your preferable city and county.The market plays by different rules in every city. You cannot expect Tybee Island has the same price range as Atlanta or Savannah. You should partner with the agent for a better market understanding, price building, peak seasons, and local buyers’ behavior. If you’re selling or shopping for Atlanta property or other major cities, make sure the agent knows their way around your preferable neighborhood. When choosing a realtor, check their experience working within your budget range and house type. The right realtor should know how to attract the best-suited audience and where to find the house of your dreams. Partnership with an agent will guarantee you fast closing and make the whole process stress-free.

2. When you’re selling property, follow the interior design trends

Everyone knows that a house has to be sale-ready. Meaning there should be no ongoing renovations. Even if you keep your home in a good state, don’t neglect small design tips to make your house more attractive and likable for Atlanta buyers.

  • Keep the kitchen extra clean with no dirty dishes. Hide the cleaning supplies and groceries in the cabinets. If you have a walk-in pantry, keep it organized. 
  • Go for a short IKEA run to add cozy elements like cushions, candles, art, or plants. 
  • Use perfume diffusers to create a positive reaction from buyers.
  • Flip outdated pieces of furniture or style them with home decor. A stylish and divine vase would catch your eye faster and drag away the attention from a bit old coffee table. 
  • Consult with the realtor on how to attract the right buyer during showings. It helps to picture what kind of person would buy the property and style the house according to a lifestyle. 

3. Remember that social media and virtual tour guides are great promoting tools

The modern real estate industry is way past the era of printed-out ads and “for sale” signs. Obviously, it still exists, but the main business moved out to the media. Virtual tours on the real estate platforms or even Instagram’s IGTV are efficient promotions for the house. As a buyer, you can get a better understanding of how the house really looks inside. And maybe save yourself a car ride to a showing for a too-small kitchen. Social media active realtors consistently update people on the new listings or upcoming construction projects in Atlanta. We are already used to online shopping for clothes, so it’s time for the houses! And if you’re on the other side of a coin, don’t be scared to embrace virtual tours as they can sell your home in no time. 

4. Embrace the real estate market peak season 

The Atlanta market has its ups and downs. Consulting with the agent will help you learn trends and understand when listing the property for a faster sale. Or when to buy a house for cheaper. Depending on the purposes and property type, the season could be different. For example, family people prefer to find a new home early in the summer so they can move in stress-free before the school year. Remember when the season in its peak, the competition is high. You have to be ready to act fast on what you like. 

5. Show up prepared for the listings

When home shopping during the peak season, you have to be 100% ready for the next step. No one is waiting for you to figure out the down payment. So before you start house-hunting, get all set for the purchase:

  • Save up enough for a down payment;
  • Get a pre-approved letter. Mortgage lenders check your total income, personal debts, credit history, and cash reserves. 
  • Don’t jeopardize your pre-approval status by taking additional loans or forgetting to pay for the credit cards.

Practice shows that those easy three steps make you the most likable buyer and increase your chances of fiding closing the deal in no time.

6. Figure out your financing option if you’re a first-time buyer

For some people saving for even a down payment could be challenging. If you’re looking for a house in Atlanta, you can try enrolling in governmental programs that help first-time buyers with financing. Some of them are designed to help minorities or veterans. Still, most state-wide and national programs assist low-income families and first-time buyers. Explore your options with The Georgia Dream Homeownership Program or the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development

7. Follow your must-have list as a buyer 

Having a checklist of requirements is necessary when house-shopping. However, real estate has “must-have” and “want-to-have.” Settle your priorities and make sure the property could match them. Be flexible towards storage spaces, window sizes, house color, etc. Ask your realtor to stick to non-negotiables like the number of bedrooms, distance to the school or office, backyard space for the dog, etc.

When choosing a neighborhood in Atlanta city, make sure to research it in advance. Keep in mind your hobbies, family needs, transport commuting situation, and lifestyle in general. Don’t fall for a cheaper option in a different area if it would be challenging in day-to-day life. 

The final advice

Real estate is an investment. Whenever you sell the house because your family is expanding or you need to relocate to a megapolis like Atlanta from a smaller town, the deal still should financially benefit you. Don’t settle for cheaper offers. On the other hand, when buying a new property, consider it an investment too. Avoid unattractive areas with higher crime rates, suburbs with decreasing population, or houses with major issues. Even if you can afford to flip the house, you need to verify how stable the market is and that you will benefit from the sale later.


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