Tips On How To Get An Accurate Property Valuation

Tips On How To Get An Accurate Property Valuation

If you are serious about bringing home loans and a decent amount for your property, you must bear a few tips in mind. It is frustrating to get the home loan knocked back or the loan amount cut down because of valuation reasons. Investors periodically revalue their properties for financing additional investments. 

For example, if the property value goes up by 10%, most lenders will allow you to borrow 80% of the value, which you may use as your deposit. For understanding the exact amount, lenders often send property valuers around. Hence, if you go by the suggestions of industry experts, you will see that they have a different opinion altogether. Investors can help you get the best deal and figure out the best amount for your property.

The main aim in valuation is the functionality and size of the asset along with the land size. Hence, there are chances of a decent valuation to help you close the deal with a smile on your face. 


If you are thinking of an upcoming valuation, the first thing you must bear in mind is the proper presentation of the property. From the exterior to the interior, all elements must be in balance. The first impression is the last. Hence, when you work with property valuers, even they will pay attention to this point. If your home has a fresh coat of paint, arranged neatly and tidily, it will impress the buyer. 

Sales evidence

If you know of the market situation and the current property sale sales price in your locality, remember that the information is vital. If you want to get the current valuation, you must look at two to three recent sales that look similar to your property and can be valued similarly. These sales affect the arrived value. You may attend auctions to keep yourself updated on these sales. Whether it is a private sale or a sudden auction, you must get the sales brochure because that will guide you through it. 

Rates notice

When working with valuers, remember that they require a copy of the council of municipal rates. These vary from one area to the other. However, there will be a site value and unimproved land value that will reflect the price of the land. Moreover, you will also get an impression of improved value, depending on the building and the land. These valuation processes play a vital role in the buying-selling process. 

Be honest

Every homeowner wants to get the work done quickly. However, they do not keep in mind their transparency and honesty. It would help if you never went with a defensive mindset but a welcoming approach. If you go by expert advice, you will see that the more transparent you are in your system, the better the deal with The Melvin Fiore Group at Simply Vegas will be. 

Make necessary improvements

If your house requires necessary improvements, you cannot shy away from that. Make them as fast as possible before the valuer comes over. Whether fixing the bathroom, rectifying the plumbing system, or anything else, you must understand what your house requires? Accordingly, you must act. 

It’s better not to overcapitalize and create a list of current improvements. Whether it is an outdoor living area or bathroom and kitchen, every aspect of the house is vital. You must be patient when dealing with an outsider because they can help you get the best deal possible.


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