Tips for Cleaning Kitchen Cabinets to Maintain Quality and Extend Longevity

Tips for Cleaning Kitchen Cabinets to Maintain Quality and Extend Longevity

Kitchen cabinets, when chosen carefully, create the perfect blend of functionality and aesthetics to elevate the looks and appeal of your kitchen. Cabinet design and style are important not only for creating beautiful kitchens but also for making the best use of space to ensure extreme convenience while using the kitchen. Consulting with custom cabinets & millwork by Gamma of Sacramento is the best way to start designing your kitchen cabinetry. They not only manufacture custom-designed cabinets but also install these to the satisfaction of customers. However, the responsibility of maintaining the cabinets lies with you. Only properly maintained cabinets can last for a long time, and wooden cabinets have the longest life. Unless you want to change the looks of your kitchen by replacing the old cabinets with new ones, wooden cabinets can last a lifetime and even more, provided you maintain it well.

Caring for cabinets

Since kitchen work involves water, fire, and smoke, and the cabinets undergo extensive handling, keeping these clean requires some effort. Household cleaners cause maximum damage to cabinetry, and equally damaging is wet exposure when handling cabinets with wet hands. Never use household cleaners for cleaning wooden cabinetry, but instead, pay attention to dry cleaning at regular intervals of both the interior and exterior. Wipe away stains from the cabinets as soon as you detect them and use a soft, damp cloth to clean the cabinets, followed by dry wiping to prevent water absorption by wood. Follow the same cleaning technique soon after installation by taking care to wipe in the direction of the grain. The installers will normally do this for you, followed by applying a thin coat of high-quality polish free from silicon or wax to protect the surface from minor scratching, excessive moisture, and staining.

Post-installation cabinet care

Over time, grease and grime accumulation on the surface of the cabinets make these appear dull and greatly reduces the initial appeal that impressed everyone with the beautiful looks. Cleaning the cabinets dry after wiping them with a piece of damp cloth at regular intervals should prevent the buildup of grease and grime that make the cabinets look untidy. While water should be good enough to clean cabinets to remove stubborn stains, you can use a mild dishwasher along with water. However, wipe the cabinets dry to remove any residual cleaner. To ensure thorough cleaning of cabinets by completely removing stubborn stains, scrub these with a mixture of water and baking soda applied with a piece of sponge. Another option is to use a mixture of vinegar and water, which can effectively remove sticky films of grime covering the cabinet surface. 

The frequency of cleaning cabinets depends upon how soon the cabinets become dirty. Usually, a fortnightly cleaning schedule should suffice. Since the kitchen environment can impact the wooden surface of cabinets, avoid very high temperatures and too much humidity in the kitchen. Also, avoid excessive moisture exposure to cabinets located close to the sink, baseboard, and dishwasher. Avoiding direct sunlight from reaching the cabinets helps to prevent damage to the surface due to excessive light. 

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