Three Interior Property Trends that Might Help Sell Your Home

Three Interior Property Trends that Might Help Sell Your Home

Homes that look dated suggest to buyers that they need maintenance and repairs, at a minimum, if not serious updating. Fortunately, you don’t have to radically renovate your property in order to help it sell. Here are 3 interior property trends that might help you sell your home. We’ll discuss the trends themselves, how to implement them and why they could help you sell your home.

Low Maintenance Adaptations

One trend that can help sell your home are those upgrades that reduce potential maintenance and hassle for the homeowner. Glass inserts for tub-shower combos eliminate the need for a shower curtain. Tiles that resemble wallpaper mean that the homeowner won’t have to reapply wallpaper or repaint the wall later.

Dedicated broom cupboards are becoming popular because it ensures that cleaning supplies are in a specific place where they’re easy to store. Organised pantries or even deep pantries with storage space for food bought in bulk are valued because of the burden it lifts from the homeowner and because of the increasing number of people buying from wholesale warehouses nowadays. Formal mudrooms are also becoming more and more popular due to their convenience. Mudrooms allow you to store dirty boots, wet rain coats and dripping umbrellas instead of tracking dirt into the living room, which makes them attractive to many.

Minimalism is still in and is definitely a plus when you’re trying to sell a home, since buyers can imagine themselves decorating the space according to their preferences. Cluttered space also seems smaller, which is never a good thing. Fortunately, you can achieve this look by simply staging the home with the minimum of furniture you need to demonstrate the functions of each room while putting the rest in storage.

Shifts in the Colour Scheme

People often joke about homes with outdated colours that the homeowner is waiting for them to be in style again. But what is in style today? 

Well for one, white, which is often a go too for many people, is officially out the door. Matte black remains popular, while grey is becoming more popular, but colour accents in a room are used to offset the monochrome and prevent it from being oppressive. Stainless steel is still a top option for a kitchen. 

However, the living room and bedrooms are more frequently decorated in rich colours like earth tones and floral patterns are starting to make a comeback. However, you don’t have to totally redecorate the house. Just put the loudest and brightest furniture in storage while leaving the leather or beige sofa out; leave it decorated with a floral pillow from the bedroom, or a rust-coloured blanket.

Vintage Fixtures

One-way people try to connect the modern home with history or simply personalise it is with vintage fixtures. This has led to many home decorators intentionally installing older, worn hardware in new homes or seeking antique light fixtures for a “new” look. This is why aged copper pendant lights and worn wrought iron pieces are popping up in modern décor. You don’t have to go hunting through the antique store to find items with that vintage look. For example, you could check out the Pagazzi floor lamps collection and select from their assortment of classic and timeless light fixtures. They’re also an excellent source of table lamps to go along with any vintage light fixtures you’ve already installed.

Whether you’re making your new home look like it is timeless or shifting to today’s popular colour scheme, there are many little things you can do to make your current home reflect the home buyer’s tastes – and it doesn’t have to cost you a lot of money.


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