Space Age Modern Luxury Superego Credenza by Acerbis Design Italy

Space Age Modern Luxury Superego Credenza by Acerbis Design Italy

It’s not retro or even sci-fi themed, but like an object that has landed from space, the Superego credenza surprises for its perfection. The body is embraced with a gesture of strong quality by two reflecting steel shells, presenting a perfectly balanced and rounded volume. It appears like an otherworldly soft and pure monolith.

Featuring a new opening system, the doors easily overlap by means of special swing arms, to allow for maximum usability. The interior is illuminated by a lighting system hidden in the side shells, with an automatic switch driven by the movement of the door.

The sideboard which expresses Acerbis technological research with its sinuous forms and dual door opening mechanism. High sideboard whose body perfectly calibrated and rounded, enclosed with a strong gesture qualitative and formal by two sides shell.

Exhibiting uber sleek space age fashion sense with modern neo classic style, the Superego credenza could easily be thought of as being inspired by The Jetsons futuristic version of luxury furniture. This mod credenza is obviously far ahead of its time and you don’t have to wait for 2062 to get one.     

  • Name: Superego
  • Brand: Acerbis Design
  • Product: Credenza
  • Designer: Marco Acerbis
  • Country: Italy
  • Photography: Marino Ramazzott


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