Silicon Valley and Switzerland Come Together with Swiss Horological Smartwatches

Silicon Valley and Switzerland Come Together with Swiss Horological Smartwatches

Balancing the past with the future, Frederique Constant and Alpina are launching over 10 different Swiss Horological Smartwatch models in 2015 with various styles for both ladies and gentlemen. Bringing Silicon Valley and Switzerland together, these Swiss-made smartwatches are capable of bi-directional communication with iPhone and Android apps.

As the synthesis of high-tech innovation and traditional design, a conscious decision was made to not include digital screens on Swiss Horological Smartwatches to maintain the luxurious level of craftsmanship expected by the official “Swiss Made” label, such as with Tissot watches.

The Swiss Horological Smartwatches by Frederique Constant and Alpina retain the natural classic Swiss beauty and will be able to deliver quantified benefits, all without ever having to recharge a battery like the Apple Watch, Moto 360, and Pebble smartwatches have to.

The first generation of Swiss Horological Smartwatches will include the following functionalities:

  • Always-on time & date
  • MotionX® activity tracking
  • Sleeptracker® sleep monitoring
  • Sleep cycle alarms
  • Get-Active alerts
  • Adaptive coaching
  • 2+ years battery life
  • MotionX® cloud backup and restore

For a luxury crowd that still appreciates functional physical designs over software user interfaces, the new Swiss Horological Smartwatches are a true alternative in a world that is increasingly becoming more tech savvy, especially with the advent of the mainstream Apple Watch.


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