Selling Your Luxury Home – 3 Factors to Attract Buyers and Maximize Your Profit

Selling Your Luxury Home - 3 Factors to Attract Buyers and Maximize Your Profit

Nearly a decade has gone by since the Great Recession, and the real estate market has bounced back with great confidence, says Buyers are clamouring to get in on the action, making now a prime time to sell a luxury property. But before you go listing your home, make sure you take a few precautionary steps to guarantee you maximize your profit.

Stage to Sell 

When visiting your home, potential buyers will be thinking about what life might be like when they are living there. Your taste in furniture and decorating style, family photos and other sources of odds and ends (read: clutter), could pose as a distraction. Open up your living spaces with furniture groupings. Float your furniture away from the walls, never pushed against the walls, and reposition sofas and chairs into conversational groups in a way that does not impede the natural flow of traffic through the room. If you need to create more places to sit, consider adding a few more pieces, like an ottoman that can be used as a coffee table and additional seating. It is wise to follow a neutral color scheme, not only for your furniture items, but your walls, too. Bold wall colors have a way of reducing offers when you’re trying to sell your home, HGTV says.

Luxe Landscape

It’s not called curb appeal for nothing. When purchasing a home, 71 percent of home buyers say that curb appeal is important, according to a National Association of Realtors survey. A well-manicured landscape could mean that your home spends less time on the market, and can even pay up to a 215 percent return at the time of sale, says Bankrate. It’s easy to get carried away, so just purchase what you need. Simple projects like carving out a small lawn area and mulching the flower beds can pretty up the landscape without a large-scale landscape overhaul. The most important thing to consider when assessing your landscape is maintenance. If you reside in an established neighborhood, be sure that your shrubs and trees are trimmed, and make sure that they are not growing over the sidewalks or your own pathways, patio or deck in your yard. The landscape is the first thing that captures a potential home buyer’s attention, make sure you’re making a good impression.

Amazing Automation

Smart home technology additions can not only be useful to you during your time in the home, home automation is an attention-grabbing feature that more and more buyers are looking for in today’s digitally driven age. Home automation can make life simpler and overall more enjoyable. In some cases, smart home technology, like smart thermostats, can save energy and learn your heating and cooling preferences. While not all home automation will win over buyers, some tech to consider includes home safety and security systems, smart locks, Wi-Fi-enabled appliances as well as heating and cooling units and lighting features. In many cases these elements can all be controlled by smartphone, which is the ultimate in convenience. Technology continues to evolve at an accelerated pace. When choosing to add automated features to your home, make sure that you are choosing practical, user-friendly options, rather than cutting-edge items that may quickly lose relevance or become outdated in a matter of months. 

Maximize your profit by taking steps like adding automation to your home, improving and maintaining your home’s landscape and staging your home appropriately to sell.