Safety Signs Every Private Neighborhood Needs

Safety Signs Every Private Neighborhood Needs

Our world is full of signs and notices explaining rules, regulations, and procedures. Whether it is at the airport, in shopping malls, at theme parks, or even at entertainment events, we are surrounded by signs that help us navigate new and large spaces.

The same is true for highways and roads too, but sometimes that is where it ends. Even the best neighborhoods in an area do not invest in road signs within the neighborhood boundaries.

Even though neighborhoods are usually surrounded by fences to protect those living inside, road and other safety rules still need to be implemented to protect everyone.

Here is some neighborhood safety signage that every residential community needs to have to avoid any accidents and criminal activities: 

1. Welcome Sign And Barricade

A welcome sign with the residential community’s name at the entrance is becoming more and more popular as rental offices want to increase the demand for their apartments as well as gain some recognition.

However, adding a security barricade is not that common at least for apartments that are renting at base price according to the housing market. 

Adding a barricade or a gate at the entrance of a community can ensure safety and security for the residents as only authorized visitors and residents will be able to enter.

This system can be especially helpful when delivery drivers enter the area. 

2. Security Alarm Sign

While barricades at the community entrance can add a layer of security, it certainly is not enough to keep unwanted visitors out. 

These unwanted visitors can be anything from burglars to field salespeople, and you need to have individual security measures in place to protect against them.

This is exactly the reason why many people choose to install their security systems within the entire house that can seal all doors and engage an alarm when unauthorized activity is detected. 

While these types of security systems are great to protect residents, many also opt to add a sign outside the house that makes the presence of a security system known.

This can help keep intruders at bay as they may not even attempt to rob a place that has this sign outside.

3. Children At Play Sign

One thing that is common in residential areas is a play area specifically designed for kids living in the neighborhood. However, kids seldom stay in the designated area where their playsets are.

Kids often wander all around the neighborhood and do not always think twice before crossing the street or running in between cars. With the lack of road rules within the neighborhood, it can get tough to keep children safe at all times.

This is why adding children at play signs is essential to ensure that no lives are dangered while driving around the neighborhood. These signs are often combined with a suggested speed limit to keep drivers vigilant and increase the overall safety of a community.

4. Camera Surveillance Sign

Another common sign that most neighborhoods should have is a sign that announces the presence of cameras. You can even go one step further by getting signs that tell the reader that the community is under 24/7 camera surveillance.

Many people think that they do not need a sign that tells everyone that there are cameras around because you can usually see cameras easily everywhere. 

However, adding a stern sign that states the existence of cameras can have a psychological effect on solicitors and decrease crimes in areas. 

This is so much so that many people only add the signs instead of having cameras installed as the psychological effects can be enough for them.

5. Private Property Sign

If your housing society consists of individual houses instead of apartment buildings, there is a high chance that you have plenty of private property around your house. 

A backyard, a patio area, and even some farming land can all constitute the private property around your house.

In cases like these, it is best to add private property signs around your entire property to ensure that people know exactly what belongs to you.

Labeling your property with private property signs can also help settle any disputes that may arise between you and your neighbors.

6. Trespassing Sign

In addition to the private property signs mentioned above, it is important to add trespassing signs as well. Trespassing signs further assert your ownership of a property and clearly explain the consequences.

You should invest in a sign that states the charges of trespassing or is very firm about what would happen if someone was to look suspicious around your property.

Many private property trespassing signs mention that anyone who violates the rules will be prosecuted. However, some areas that have high-security threats or similar circumstances also allow trespassing violations to have stricter punishments.

These punishments can even stretch to being shot on contact.

7. Members-only Entry Sign

Private neighborhoods compete in the tough housing market by offering exclusive amenities for residents. These can range from pools and cafes to game rooms and gymnasiums. 

If your private neighborhood offers these facilities, a member access-only sign can help. Not only can this up the exclusivity level, but also guarantees that no outsiders are using amenities for which residents are paying.

These should be combined with security code doors and membership card access doors to make sure no outsiders enter the reserved space.


All in all, signs and safety announcements have become a very normal and important part of our lives. They are designed in such a way that grabs attention and evokes a psychological reaction from most. 

These signs can be perfect to protect adults and children living in a private neighborhood from any harm. If you do not see these signs around a neighborhood that you are looking to settle in, try looking for other options.

If you are already living in a neighborhood that does not have these around, try to talk to the management and make your voice heard.


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