Real Estate Tips – These 4 Golden Points will Help Sell your Home During the Holidays

Real Estate Tips - These 4 Golden Points will Help Sell your Home During the Holidays

You may have been told occasionally that trying to sell your home during the holidays could be a huge mistake. But here, we say no to that because sometimes, a mistake can end up being the best decision you ever make. So, forget the critics okay? The most important question is, are you ready to sell?

If yes, that’s good, you made a smart choice because selling during the holidays is less competitive because most sellers tend to take their homes off the market during the holidays and you can use that to your advantage. The ensuing tips will not only make your home appealing to buyers, but also land you the right buyers and you know what I mean by that; great price!

Stage your home and use moderate holiday decorations

We know it’s the holidays and people tend to go extra on the decorations, but we’ll strongly advise you not to, people have different ideas and approaches to holiday decorations. Staging your home well will help convince buyers, it’s the perfect home for them. This is a strategic step for sellers. First, make sure your outdoor looks great; mow the lawn and trim the flowers. You can also introduce indoor plants and welcome mats at your entrance. The next step is cleaning your home and make sure everywhere is neat and sparkling. Get rid of half your furniture, your home appearing larger will spark an interest in the buyers. Use matching color schemes when decorating and ensure you use bright colors because they’re generally appealing.

Hire a competent real estate agent

The truth is, selling your home won’t be an easy task; you need the help of professionals such as listing agents. You can ask family and friends to recommend good listing agents. Before hiring, check their professional records and associations they belong to. If you’re satisfied, conduct interviews; it’s preferable to find a realtor that is vastly experienced and well connected. Also, be clear on the amount of commission (usually 6%), and if possible, try to negotiate. Finally, ask for references, that is, records of homes they’ve listed in the past. Then compare agents based on the information you’ve gathered. If you still have doubts, contact a few previous clients and ask them questions; most importantly, ask if they’d hire the agent again. 

Take exquisite pictures of your home

Research carried out by a real estate photography company shows that exquisite pictures of homes on the market increase their chances by 32%. You should know some people don’t have the time to actually go house hunting with real estate agents; instead, they look up homes for sale on the internet. It is therefore important you take beautiful photos of your home; both indoor and outdoor. You could hire a professional photographer to do this for you, trust me, you don’t want to post amateur listing photos online. You should also know that 51% of home buyers purchased them online; therefore taking breathtaking photos of your homecould help seal the deal even before inspection by the prospective buyer.

Good pricing

This is a general approach irrespective of what time of year it is. Everyone wants to buy a beautiful home at a good price, so pricing your home below market value will attract a lot of buyers quickly. The price shouldn’t be ridiculously low, it only suggests that something is wrong with your house. It should be perfect and reflect the value. Factors to be considered while determining price includes the location, age and size of your home. Since the market is less competitive during the holidays, you can sell at even a slightly higher price since the demand from the buyers is more than the number of homes on the market. But if you intend to sell quickly you can drop the price slightly below the competition. Check online sites and see similar prices, you can also contact your listing agent for a proper price. 


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