How To Enhance The Longevity Of Your Roof With Quality Roof Repair?

How To Enhance The Longevity Of Your Roof With Quality Roof Repair?

Is water leaking from your ceiling? Do you have storm damage? Does your attic have cracks? You may have heard horror stories about roofing companies taking hours longer than usual, not guaranteeing the job, or even fixing the problem correctly. It is sad but true. Most companies want to sell you a new roof because that is where the money is. Do you know the most common types of roofing?

Ceramic tile

An essential feature of ceramic tiles is thermal and acoustic comfort. Thermally they act as an insulating material for both cold and heat, and it provides acoustic insulation. Ceramic tiles require a reinforced wooden structure.

Concrete tile

Concrete tile is a relatively new material when compared to traditional ceramic tiles. Its installation is very similar and provides the same aesthetic effect as a ceramic roof, even with various colors. The great advantage of the concrete tile is that its parts are identical since they are produced industrially.

Metal tile

You can get metal tiles in large slabs. Its primary disadvantage is that the roofing material has less thermal and acoustic comfort since metal is a conductor. A feature that makes it stand out is that it is malleable, which gives it remarkable plasticity. Therefore, metallic tile is one of the most used types of roof in gyms and sheds, including curved roofs. 

Sandwich tile

Sandwich tile is a relatively new material on the market, with the same lightweight benefits as conventional metal. It solves your thermal and acoustic insulation problem with a layer of insulating material between the metal sheets. The insulating layer causes the metal tile to lose its plasticity, becoming a rigid material. The cost is also higher.

Waterproofed slab

The use of concrete as a cover is also an option. The slab itself can be the conventional flat one or some different format. As concrete is not a water-repellent material, a waterproofing material must be used. There is a wide range of products on the market for this purpose. It is important to note that this type of roof does not have good thermal and acoustic insulation.

Translucent roofing

In some cases, the project requires the use of a translucent cover. Its production can be associated with protection against ultraviolet rays in these cases. Smooth fine boards are plates whose size varies according to the surface on which you want them to apply. They are made of glass, acrylic, or polycarbonate. They are available in different shapes and with other materials.

Always count on a professional

Now that you know the most common type of roof, you should know that each roof type requires a specific kind of maintenance and repairing technique. Not always; a completely new roof is the solution. You can count on the trustworthy roofers at True Roofing of Jersey City. They have years of experience. 

When they inspect your roof damage, they are not there to sell you a new roof. They will give you an honest roof repair estimate and back you up with quality repairs that will outlast your existing roof. Sometimes the repair is all it takes to extend the roof’s life a little longer.


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