Real Estate Tips – How To Make Your Home More Secure

Real Estate Tips - How To Make Your Home More Secure

Well, setting up security measures are not a fun thing to do compared to decorating a new home. Anyhow, there are burglars out there, ready to strike your home so it is important to take proper security measures. In this article, we will share simple things that you should do to secure your home. You can buy security tools for your home online, such as door alarms from

Secure the Doors

Do not allow a thief to come into your house from the front door. You need to make sure that the frames of all the doors in your house are strong enough. Moreover, if the door has a mail slot, then make sure nobody can unlock the door. You can install a deadbolt or add a strike plate on the doors. Moreover, you can upgrade the locks of the door.

Lock Your Windows

Usually, the burglars break into a house from the windows and doors. There are latches on the windows, but they are not very effective. So, you may need to change the locks of the latches. You can install the key-operated levers on the windows. There are also many other great ideas too to make a window burglar-proof like you can install glass break sensors, reinforce glass with security film, window bars, plant prickly bushes under the window floor.

Light Up

The burglars do not like to come in the light. So, to make sure that they stay away from your home, use ample outdoor lights. You can install them in the back and front yard and near the garage. Doing this will make the burglar skittish and will reduce the risk. You can also use motion detectors around the house.

The Garage

One of the most famous entry points for the intruders is the garage. Because people do not care about the garage security much. But there are still some useful things in the garage that the intruders can sell. So, lock all the interior and exterior doors of your garage. Moreover, install the garage door opener inside the house. In this way, the burglar will not be able to get your car out for a ride. Moreover, do not enter the security code in front of anyone.

Set Up A Security System

If you are moving into a new house, then you should consider some form of the security system. No matter, what type of the system you are going to install. It can be a monitoring system, home automation, or some kind of basic BIY system. It is the 21st century and there are lots of options for home security for every budget. So, it is up to you what type of system suits your needs and budget. Moreover, you can ask the local police department to evaluate the security of your house.

Secure Your Wi-Fi

Another thing, you need to take seriously is to secure the Wi-Fi network of your home. If you are using a home automation system, then there is a way to break-in to your house.


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