Real Estate Tips – Features Your Buyers Consider Before Closing The Deal

Real Estate Tips - Features Your Buyers Consider Before Closing The Deal

When it comes to spending a huge amount of money on a property, everyone has priorities. For some, it is all about the location, for some it is about the overall environment of the place, and for some it is just about money. Understanding the features which matter the most beforehand, helps eliminate properties that do not fit in the idea of a perfect deal.

If you are a seller, it is important for you to know what buyers look for in a property. You can even talk to your realtor and ask him what buyers ask for the most in a property. All of this will help you to be better prepared for the selling process and if needed, upgrade your property to meet buyer expectations. Here are some features that buyers look for in a property, however, each feature may rank differently in the individual list of buyers. Let’s check it out.


How far is your property located from the centre? How close are the facilities and places like schools, malls, stores, recreation? Is the main road and transport easily accessible? You can ask for a higher price if your property is located close to the development.

Some couples look for a property away from the hustle bustle of the city, somewhere their children can play, somewhere they can have a view to cherish every morning. If you have a property in such a location, you are bound to get an electric deal.

Size and shape of the lot

Size of the lot is the most important factor for some. Size is one thing that cannot be altered, no matter how many changes you make to the property. Depending on the purpose of buying the property, the buyer looks for an appropriate size to suit his needs.

Shape of the lot also matters to some. Some lots are pie-shaped, some are rectangular, and some are irregular in shape. This may matter to some, depending on the level of privacy, how they will use the lawn, and the length of the driveway.

Age of the property

If you are someone who thinks age of a property does not matter, it’s time to reconsider that belief. Age can make a huge difference in influencing buyer’s decision. While some get swooned with the charm of an old building, some are really after the fresh look that a newly constructed property offers.

Before setting up your property for sale it is better you get it cleaned by a high pressure water cleaner so as to give it a new and fresh look.

Condition of the appliances

It is important that the appliances are in good working condition and are not too old. Some buyers really pay attention to the age and condition of appliances as they may find it expensive to replace them. This can be a deal breaker for them. If you are planning to keep back some, it is better you let your buyers know in advance about the same.


Now this is one aspect that can really influence the buying decision. How well your property is maintained speaks a lot about you. No one wants to buy a property that is not maintained well and looks much older than its age.

This is something that you should be your calculated move. It’s better to regularly maintain your property than having to pay for damages that can burn a hole in your pocket. For example, if you have a manufacturing firm and you are planning to sell it, it is better to take industrial pressure washing services from time to time in order to maintain your property and not leaves oil, grease and other stains on the floors.

Your intention

If you are desperate to sell the property and are looking for an immediate buyer, you will be more motivated to list your property for sale, hire a realtor, and regularly talk to potential buyers. In such cases, there are high chances of closing the deal. If you are in no hurry to sell your property, it reflects on your actions and buyers do not get the motivation to buy the property from a laid-back seller.

It is important to know what buyers look for in a property so that you do not have to spend too much time, effort and energy on something that has low chances of selling.


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