Real Estate Investment Advise – Tips on How to Advertise Your Rental Property

Real Estate Investment Advise - Tips on How to Advertise Your Rental Property

There are almost 49 million rental properties in the U.S. today. But only about 44 million of them are rented out at any given time. Do you have a rental property that’s sitting vacant at the moment? If so, it could be costing you a lot of money and forcing you to think about selling it. By taking the time to learn how to advertise a rental property, you can prevent the problems that come with an empty rental property.

Here are several things you can do to find tenants for your property.

Put Together the Perfect Listing for Your Rental Property

When you’re trying to figure out how to advertise a rental property, start with your listing. It should include everything that makes your property unique. From the number of bedrooms and bathrooms in your property to its proximity to transportation options, your listing should spell out what’s so special about your rental. It should entice people to want to check it out. You might even want to go above and beyond by using an infographic to break your property down. These infographics templates will help you get started.

Have Professional Photos Taken of Your Rental Property

If you don’t include any photos of your rental when you list your property or if you only include a few photos you took yourself with your phone, you’re making a big mistake. People looking for rentals expect to see professional photos of the places they’re checking out. Hire a professional photographer to come in and snap some great photos for you. This will require a small investment on your part. But you might be able to raise the rent on your rental property a little to accommodate the extra costs associated with photographing it.

Advertise Your Rental Property in the Right Places

Is your plan to hang up flyers in your neighborhood to advertise your rental property? This isn’t the worst idea in the world. But it’s going to limit the number of people who see your listing. There are lots of websites where you can list your rental property and all of the photos that go along with it. These sites will increase your chances of drumming up some serious interest in your property.

Make Yourself Available to Take Calls and Emails From Potential Tenants

Those who are looking for a place to live won’t always have time to play phone tag or exchange a bunch of emails with you. The second you list a property for rent, you should get into the habit of checking your phone and your email to see if anyone has contacted you about it. Get back to those who are interested in your rental property ASAP to avoid losing potential tenants.

Knowing How to Advertise a Rental Property Can Help Your Bottom Line

The longer that your rental property sits empty, the more revenue you’re going to lose. Test out the tips listed here to see how well they work for you when it comes to advertising your rental. We are sure you’ll find that they will help you get more eyes on your rental and get it rented out much faster.