Real Estate Essentials – 5 Luxurious Interior Design Enhancements You Should Consider

Real Estate Essentials - 5 Luxurious Interior Design Enhancements You Should Consider

When was the last time you gave the inside of your home a good going over? You probably had a repaint at some point, or maybe you redecorated a few rooms, but if you’re getting ready to sell your home, you’ll be thinking that there is probably so much more you could do, no matter how old your home is. There are some interior design ideas that do cost a lot of money, but it should also be said that there are many that may cost you a lot less than you might think.

Some very simple changes can make a lot of difference to the appearance and feel of your home attracting more potential buyers with some modern updates. Changing the colour and décor is one way of giving it a new feel, of course, but there are others that we’re going to suggest here, that you might not have considered. 

Here then, is our list of interior design enhancements that will really make a difference:

1. Change the Lighting

Lighting in the home is an often-overlooked design feature. For most of us, it’s simply a hanging light in the middle of the room and a couple of lamps here and there, enough for us to see what we’re doing when we need it. Lately, advances in LED lighting have given a new lease of life to the idea of actually designing lighting into a room, and at surprisingly little cost. LED’s come in a variety of different forms, from strip lights to those that you recess into a ceiling, and even under-cupboard lighting, and also in many colours, so why not check out some ideas by looking up design ideas with LED lights? You may be surprised how new lighting can enhance a home.

2. Blinds not Curtains

There is something about curtains that says that while they are traditional, they are somewhat old-hat. This is why a lot of people are choosing to fit blinds rather than curtains, as they offer a more versatile, often cleaner and fresher, and modern appearance to a room. Blinds can be bought in a variety of styles, the traditional Venetian blind is the most common, vertical blinds are also very popular and roller blinds perhaps less so, and also in colours and materials, are easy to hang and use, and do make a great difference, so it’s worth checking out this option.

3. A Feature Fireplace

There was a time when the fireplace was the feature in any sitting room. Then came central heating, and fireplaces became redundant to an extent, and many were plastered over and forgotten about. Now, however, the feature fireplace is coming back into fashion, and there are few options that are popular. One is to open up an old, open fire and reinstate it as a log burner. Another is to install an electric fire, and it may be that, with some very attractive and inexpensive modern-look designs available, this could be the way to enhance the look of your lounge or any other room. Check them out, and rest assured the modern electric fire is energy efficient and will not cost you very much to put in place.

4. What About the Floors?

Carpet is the way to go when it comes to floor covering. Or is it? One of the current trends is to fit laminate flooring, and it can be a good idea. Laminate comes in long strips that clip together and are cut to fit – you can do it yourself surprisingly easily if you’re OK at DIY, or get a professional in if you’re not so sure – and it comes in a massive range of finishes. In a large room, for example, it looks great with an attractive rug in place, and in smaller spaces it provides an illusion of added space. It’s also inexpensive, so well worth a look.

5. A Change of Plan

Our final suggestion is a very simple one; for a living room, why not just change things around? You will be surprised how much difference it makes if you alter the aspect and positioning of the furniture in the room. Or, you might want to update your furniture and have a new look? It’s a great idea to do this once in a while, as a fresh new look really does allow you to enjoy your space more readily.

So that’s five quick tips for interior design ideas that you should consider if you’re thinking about getting your home ready for sale. In almost every real estate market, adding new luxurious enhancements to your home will improve a buyers first impression and that could make all the difference in selling.


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