Preparing Furniture For The Move: 5 Useful Tips

Preparing Furniture For The Move: 5 Useful Tips

Planning to move? Great news! That means change and a lot of fun. But there are also important things to consider. You need to make a moving plan, sort things out, and, of course, take care of furniture transportation. This last task often causes a lot of problems. How can all the furniture, oversized, non-standard, glass, and fragile, be transported? If you are wondering if you should look for aΒ furniture hoisting service near meΒ or if I can do it myself, our article will help you.

We have prepared useful tips on how to prepare furniture for moving:

Furniture Preparation List for a Move

1. Disassemble everything possible

Bulky furniture β€” beds, frames, bookcases, cabinets β€” should be disassembled before moving. Follow the furniture manufacturer’s instructions: carefully disassemble each item and make sure you can reassemble the furniture. Store screws, bolts, and other small items used to assemble furniture in marked containers. Make sure nothing is lost during the move.

2. Protect furniture from damage

Transporting furniture (especially over long distances) carries a high risk of damage. To prevent this, use bubble wrap, furniture pads, special padding, or even regular blankets. This will help protect fragile pieces of furniture from damage.

Be especially careful with glass furniture, mirrors, and furniture made of delicate materials (natural wood, marble). They are the most sensitive to damage.

3. Secure drawers properly

When moving furniture with drawers or cabinets, it is important to pack and secure them properly. This will help prevent damage during the move. First, empty the drawers and cabinets and place the contents in marked boxes or containers.

Use furniture straps or plastic wrap to keep drawers from opening during the move. For fragile or small unsecured items, such as jewelry or stationery, consider using bubble wrap or packing paper for extra protection.

4. Hire professional movers

If you have antique furniture, heavy sofas of huge size and other specific interior items in your home, you should not handle it yourself. As the MaxiMoving company notes, furniture lifting services are exactly what is needed in such a case. Professional movers will help you remove oversized, heavy furniture, carefully pack it, and deliver it to a new location without damage. And you can simply enjoy moving to a new place.

5. Plan ahead

It is very important to plan your move well in advance. This way, you can be sure that you have enough time to organize everything. But even if you need to move urgently, this is not a problem. Many moving companies will help you with all the challenges of an urgent move.


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